Ma Yun thirty years of hatred finally got the newspaper really to buy KFC xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Ma Yun thirty years. Finally: really the KFC to buy Ma Yun Yum announced today with the Primavera capital group (hereinafter referred to as "Chunhua capital") and financial services group (hereinafter referred to as "the ant ant gold service) to reach an agreement, the two together to Yum China investment of $460 million, the investment will spin off with yum yum and China simultaneously. Yum China business listing and Chunhua capital and ant gold suit investment is expected to be completed in October 31, 2016 synchronization. After Chinese, Yum will begin to separate companies listed in New York stock exchange from November 1, 2016, code for YUMC". According to the agreement, Chunhua capital and ant payment service will be respectively to $410 million and $Chinese Yum investment 50 million. 31 to 60 days after the share price to break up during the stock China Yum volume weighted average price for the benchmark, to give 8% discount, and the final number of shares (in the upper and lower limits within the set) depending on the price adjusted again. Chunhua capital and payment service also has a total of two ant group can exercise in five years options respectively according to $12 billion and $15 billion in equity value of the exercise price, the acquisition of each batch of about 2% of the ordinary shares of China yum. Yum also announced that Dr. Chunhua capital founder Hu Zuliu will serve as non-executive chairman of board of directors China yum. In the creation of Chunhua capital, Dr. Hu served as chairman of greater china. Ma Yun: go to KFC interview 25 people I had not hired Ma Yun said in his speech, the young people today may feel confused, not many opportunities, but their young also experienced setbacks, for example, he applied for a job over 30, 25 people for KFC, besides him, other 24 people were admitted, but the boss or Taiwanese; Ma Yun said that many young people feel very lost, very anxious, he was also very anxious, voted more than and 30 resumes are not enterprises admit him, if not after 30 years of wandering, he would not have today. 15 years ago, Alibaba is too small to small enterprises, together with 18 entrepreneurial start empty-handed, every little bit of young people, never thought today and so many entrepreneurs to communicate. News background: Yum Chinese introduced after the split, yum yum in China will become China, franchisees, exclusive rights to the owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell three brands. KFC is Chinese leading snack brands; pizza hut is the leading casual dining brand; although the Taco Bell has not yet entered the China, but is the global rapid expansion. The spin off of the new company will have a strong financial strength, a mature brand portfolio, extensive and growing business footprint and operational expertise, will achieve further growth. The new company has a strong capital, zero debt and the existing restaurant has significant sales and profit potential. KFC and pizza hut with more than 7 thousand and 200 restaurants in China thousand city, 2015 sales of more than $8 billion, EBITDA of approximately $1 billion. China’s younger generation of consumers proficient in digital applications, focusing on the brand, is to promote china.相关的主题文章: