Ma Ying-Jeou incarnation kindergarten teacher back to his alma mater to promote love code (Figure) – t6670

The incarnation of Ma Ying-Jeou "the kindergarten teacher" back to his alma mater to popularize the love code (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 14, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou today the embodiment of the "kindergarten teacher", to meditation kindergarten as the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation to promote electronic Invoicing love code; Ma Ying-Jeou asked whether he knew as to promote the "four" plan, a child repartee "Sishen decoction". Meditation schools and kindergarten teachers and students to help fund the creation of long-term tax invoice, that the implementation of electronic Invoicing service funds for vegetables affected after school in the school of meditation determines the promotion of electronic invoices "love code 919" activities, and invited Ma Ying-Jeou to return to his alma mater promotion. Ma Ying-Jeou arrived in the morning meditation kindergarten, warmly welcome friends, shouting "seniors"; Ma Ying-Jeou quipped that he had heard everyone shouted 20 times of "senior", he is very good now. See the "senior seniors visit, kindergarten kids asked Ma Ying-Jeou why so late, so late? Ma Ying-Jeou said that he got up at 4:30 in the morning, swimming and participate in activities, according to the table set time 10 arrived; next time if you want him to arrive earlier, you can ask the principal to tell him. Ma Ying-Jeou then walked down to the kids in the promotion of electronic invoices "love code 919"; Ma Ying-Jeou talked about the term paper, promote the province, water saving and fuel-efficient "four" plan, ask the kids know that "four province" which is "four"? A child repartee "Sishen decoction". Ma Ying-Jeou hope that children do little teacher, the electronic invoice code of love to inform parents, together with environmental protection to support public welfare. To return to his alma mater to share public opinion environment, primary school children, Ma Ying-Jeou said, very happy when 20 minutes of kindergarten teacher, valuable experience, if there is a hope, please help him to fund the creation of jobs.相关的主题文章: