[love] panda travel and bestie with feelings of Rambla synchronized mood – Barcelona Las Ramblas. musiland

[love] panda travel and bestie with feelings of Rambla synchronized mood – Barcelona. Las Ramblas in order to follow the footsteps of Gaudi and the Barcelona itinerary with us, still can be in a romantic evening to feel amorous and Las Ramblas slowed down. The heart to read about the encounter with a wide tramp street, feel all kinds of different shapes of painstaking street performers, but probably because in the evening, and the chill, the homeless people have been gradually dispersed. Even so, we still make the Ramblas scent of a small woman was good to hear or see, life began to bestie three that Backpackers candid and bold and unrestrained character. Las Ramblas as the name Rambla, is indeed a street to the sea. She is like a flamenco dancing girl, although not so dignified and beautiful, but full of exotic, beautiful and wild and intractable, flexible and free, but free content. If time is enough, you can take the L3 line arrived at Catalunya (Catalonia Square Station), has been walking 1.2 kilometers, and finally arrived at the Columbo memorial tower in Barcelona square. If you like us little time, can choose to get off in the middle of the Liceu station, go out to see Barcelona’s oldest and most authentic Bogailiya markets, and fragrant flower lanbula. My memories in flowers, and after the old Spanish grandma me stop, then asked her friends to know, she took the flowers as I said "how lovely flowers ah, give her a good photo shoot!" The sunset; companion, the young man to death in the romantic Valentine’s day, just holding packaged rose hand stroll; the young couple in the bustling crowd in passion kissing, accompanied by a rose on Valentine’s day and why? Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s day alone; the handsome, even never lonely body and shadow comforting each other to buy a balloon, comfort yourself.. Walk the Ramblas, it is necessary to pay a visit to the hundred years old — ESCRIBA cake. The cake shop design and beautiful enough to feast the eyes let people don’t want to move. April meishao, although the street performance artists have receded, but there are few sporadic Street painters absorbed in painting. Stop by their side and look at their paintings as if the noise of the street was still. Walk to the beach, feeling the sea breeze blowing face, suddenly forget about 12 hours every day in Barcelona runaway body Laughton backache. The accident met the Barcelona port’s largest tourist cruise BALERIA+, and the huge cruise lovers whisper as if made under the picture of the story; the mottled light sea sculpture look up to the sky, and the stars do not know what the exchange; the name for the sea lanbula S type wooden bridge, looked like a a fish through the sea; a ship docked in the port of intensive yacht, still seems to make people feel here during the day of prosperity…… — — — — —;相关的主题文章: