Liu Shishi drunk exquisite offended stylist O’Young the most beautiful costumes baxia

Liu Shishi drunk "exquisite" offended stylist costumes O’Young the most beautiful Intro: by Liu Shishi, William Chan starred in the TV series "drunk" exquisite exposure makeup woman of God, but always very beautiful costumes of Liu Shishi, this one is being Tucao, drunk and exquisite double-sided makeup as is too ugly still, to see Liu Shishi’s stunning costumes. TV drama "exquisite" TV drama "drunk drunk exquisite" the exposure of Liu Shishi double makeup, but was friends Tucao ugly, don Liu Shishi offended stylist, dressed in black, with hair, let Liu Shishi look just like a black widow, the beauty is gone, and the blue water what is a ghost, the picture is too weird. TV drama "drunk"   this exquisite; other luxurious atmosphere, gold mainly with dark markings, but bring out the noble and elegant temperament, especially decorative style, but still feel a little molimen. Female female Princess Princess medicine medicine biography, Liu Shishi Ming appearance is very beautiful, bright blue robes, collocation fur vest, Liu Shishi looks fresh and refined. The princess     medicine; maiden shape to the green and pink and white, highlighting the lovely temperament, let Liu Shishi look like a fairy. Female doctor   princess; green and warm orange with blue cloth, and colour skirt, highlight the beautiful, let the whole picture will brighten up. Xiu Chun knife in Xiu Chun knife, Liu Shishi was dressed in red to give this stunning, off white color, the feeling of pity, lovingly pathetic. Xiu Chun knife     collocation simple but elegant pale blue gown with beige dress, highlighting a quiet and elegant temperament. Pocahontas the most amazing in the TV series "Pocahontas" in a costume is this blue skirt with the same color with the veil on, the unique style of jewelry, make Liu Shishi look like tianwaifeixian. Pocahontas came to the Central Plains, Liu Shishi’s appearance has changed significantly, from folk style to Hanfu, tender green gown with blue dress, exquisite embroidery pattern design. Startling step by step "startling step by step" is the masterpiece of Liu Shishi, Xiaobian always felt maertai Dongxi if Liu Shishi is the most beautiful costume styling, the Qing Dynasty clothing, combined with its head and skirt blouse, pink color and small flower ornament, clothing design very exquisite atmosphere. Startling step by step   and a bye in the snow scene is really beautiful, pink blouse and green skirt, long red shawl wearing very deep, lovingly pathetic. Startling step by step   Liu Shishi’s costumes are really beautiful, beautiful appearance itself, plus classical temperament, the characters are very delicious.    相关的主题文章: