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List of |6 – 9 years old children should be "read aloud" the 4 Book Bridge – Sohu maternal The Magic Elephant Books WeChat, "please pay attention to the public like Magic Book Museum": mofaxiang01 different ages, with different needs of readers, the elephant house "Picture Book Kingdom" is 0~8 years old children’s reading picture books the place; and the "story forest" is full of children aged 6~12 to love fairy tales and children’s stories, "read aloud" (6~9 years), the "golden key" (8~12 years old), "Neverland" (8~14 years), "youth Tour" (8~14 years). Before the introduction of the "desire" was found the secret of "gas, en! "Save the cat book," "my mother needs me" is a "golden key" series. The "kitten Winston 1: real friends," "kitten, Winston, 2: the Four Musketeers" is a "no island" series. And we are familiar with the "secret school", "the legend of Mo Zi," "the memories of the donkey," "Moonlight adventure" are "junior Tour" series. Today, I want to introduce a series of works called "read aloud". 6 to 9 years old children have read with their parents experience, but also because just entered the stage of independent reading literacy, will "read aloud" series of bridge books just for kids set up a picture book by the transition to the text book of the bridge. A lively and interesting short stories, suitable for reading aloud, playful pictures and easy plain text side by side, leading the children to enjoy the fun of reading children’s literature in cognitive sensitive period, establish the confidence of reading. "Reading aloud" there are currently four works "hate" angry "troublemaker" "I really wish one" "Mr. giraffe, please! "And the children together, read out a bright future of the | week Qixing (trefoil family, one of the founders of the story" color reading classroom "advocates) as a children’s reading tutor, as a running around the promotion of children reading lamp, I will often be around the parents asked about the topic of reading. Among them, the family has one or two primary school children’s parents, seems to be particularly upset. When the child in the early childhood stage, as long as the parents with them to read picture books like this, and now, parents have reached a consensus. However, after entering elementary school? Children began to understand some of the words, the parents at this time is not to let the children themselves to read? If parents read to the child to listen to, then the child will not form a dependency, can not develop the habit of independent reading it? There are really a lot of anxiety like the parents on the one hand, they think children need to read, read independently; on the other hand, also found that children accustomed to parent-child reading, to read by myself, reading interest always seems not to mention. Often encountered such a parent, I always recommend that: continue to accompany the child to go forward! While they are still small, also want to read with you, then accompany them to read the good book bridge. Dare to be brave…相关的主题文章: