Liaoning, his brother, smoke, and even the Russians can not see their own ca1834

Liaoning ship he brother smoke even the Russians themselves could not stand according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that a Russian aircraft carrier formation in October 19th by the Norway west coast waters near the central city of Trondheim, into Beihai, to the English Channel. In October 21st, the Russian Navy aircraft carrier Kuznetsov through the English channel. The navy fleet includes the USS Kuznetsov, 7 warships, including "Peter the great" nuclear powered cruiser, "North Morse" and "Kulakov vice admiral" large anti submarine ship, "Sergei · Xibofu Austria, large oil supply ship, and Nicola · Chiker, Yuanyang rescue tug. The Russian Northern Fleet aircraft carrier formation through the channel, and then transferred to the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, arriving in the waters near Syria, from the implementation of maritime strike within Syria armed IS task. Currently there are 6 Russian warships in the eastern Mediterranean, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier will join these warships, the implementation of a period of about 4 months of mission. The Russian Navy aircraft carrier fleet arrived in the Mediterranean that combat fleet firepower will be matched with the U.S. Sixth Fleet, which is since 2014, the most powerful naval fleet in Russia sent to the Mediterranean region. USS Kuznetsov southward, the ship’s chimney smoke billowing black smoke. The netizen of humor with the famous Russian oil painting pictures to satirize the Library: this ship aircraft carrier can not only burn firewood, also equipped with trackers. This is a picture taken by Kuznetsov from the French side through the English channel. Power system Kuznetsov, always worrying, more than ten years of disasters occurred constantly, boiler explosion, fire and other accidents from the cabin is wonderful, most of the analysis of these symptoms are the womb, the ship in the water at the beginning of the frequent occurrence of power accident, the Russian Navy did not always fix, this is the ship served so far only pants the main reason for the first time fighting voyage. In sharp contrast, the Chinese navy ship Liaoning steam turbine to let the ship and the navy is quite perfect training, smooth operation, there has never been a fault. In general, warships have occasional black smoke occurs. Black smoke is a normal phenomenon of oil burning. But the Russians not good ah, is the ship burned to chop wood and burned so is unqualified. Other Russian warships also often have black smoke, this is a Russian Navy modern destroyers through the Strait Bridge is the black smoke, completely covered bridge lane. Kuznetsov aircraft carrier out of the south of the black smoke, even the Russians can not see their own. Russia’s satellite network is teasing the country’s only aircraft carrier: Kuznetsov may not be able to rule the sky in Syria, but it is determined to block the sun in Syria! The Russian satellite network even made a picture of this fun picture, with the text said: This is Kuznetsov, through the original photo. In fact, this is a simple inland barge, the direct use of large rubber tyred tractor as the driving force, but also capable of carrying two seater MIG -21U fighter trainer. The New York Times is harsh.相关的主题文章: