Li Mingyuan Baidu Post Bar war fame strange down regrets footman

Li Mingyuan: Baidu Post Bar war fame strange regrets down a black rimmed glasses, face with a childish Li Mingyuan, handheld wireless remote control pen, in the face of thousands of spectators, the Baidu service developers of seven weapons, calm tone conceal his excitement. It was four years ago, the Baidu World Conference, as the main theme of the speaker, Li Mingyuan on the stage in high and vigorous spirits. Since that year, Li Mingyuan experienced in the outside world, such as the rocket like three jump: rose from the senior director of the general manager of the three month, to the youngest vice president of Baidu, Baidu’s top decision-makers into the members. From mobile search, mobile application distribution to O2O, from mobile security to mobile payments…… These represent the future of Baidu’s strategic business, mostly by the football fans as a striker". "He doesn’t have the bureaucracy, compare easy, address each other as brothers of jianghuqi." A Baidu employee evaluation of the first financial reporter. But in four years after the Baidu World Conference, Li Mingyuan did not speak, did not participate in any sub forum, the seat is also arranged in a place far away from the Robin Li. Looking back, everything seems to have been able to follow. As an executive, a lot of things must not be done in order to avoid risks and hidden problems, I do not learn enough in this regard, does not meet the requirements of an executive, I should know the error, leave. Bear the responsibility." Baidu announced in the history of the most young executives after the resignation, Li Mingyuan said in response. However, as of now, Baidu did not deal with the huge amount of economic transactions, Li Mingyuan, whether the damage caused by the company, as well as whether the economic behavior of the disclosure of personal details. Twelve years, one cycle. At the age of 29 from intern to become Baidu’s youngest vice president, and then had to resign. Under the Internet stardom, Li Mingyuan experienced a kind of controversy? "Li Mingyuan Post Bar war fame to the electricity supplier frustrated" do you have the interest to do Post Bar, if interested back you can talk to me." In 2004, Baidu vice president Yu Jun asked when he was in a complete mess "BBS station Li Mingyuan. That year, 21 year old Li Mingyuan is the director of professional radio Communication University of China a Junior. Although Li Mingyuan is not a technical background, but particularly interested in Internet products, especially community products. He once said in a campus speech, also with the ordinary college boys like love online games, play CS pleased with oneself for its technology, but the game does not bring a sense of achievement, until do forum access to the Internet, only to find the interest. As a sophomore, he and several friends North operation "in a complete mess" BBS, found that the Internet can influence and help a lot of people will stick with it. Although the Internet industry does not make money, but he is still a dive. 2004, Li Mingyuan as an intern to enter the Baidu, and Yu Jun together to participate in the whole operation of the post bar framework, and Baidu post bar has become a famous for the work of the". Post Bar as Baidu’s first product manager, Li Mingyuan said, every day will receive a lot of user feedback and feedback data, the first step is to make the product manager to do subtraction, not a product can solve all the users.相关的主题文章: