Kill 51 dumplings Tomb notes harvest burial

Kill 51 dumplings "Tomb notes" harvest burial games, 51! Uncle said: "the biggest enemy is not dumplings or organs, but their own fear". Please remember this sentence in the tomb copy of the game "dumplings cross world". Game player will challenge the big variety in the copy of the dumplings all sorts of strange things, such as general Bie, dead sea monkey, Drum Tower guard, don’t fear, don’t be afraid. As long as unruffled, can be more brave and tall buildings! Figure 1 kill 51 dumplings "Tomb notes" a distinguished 51 "Tomb notes" in the official website: a copy of the world cross dumplings, they can choose game player characters to battle the psychic system kills before every challenge, BOSS can cause multiple damage and the attributes of restraint. Each level will show the recommended combat effectiveness for players to refer to, think twice. Each layer of success can get a certain amount of game experience, equipment and props. Figure 2 kill 51 dumplings "Tomb notes" harvest burial in addition to the above awards, dumplings cross world can also obtain copies of the daily Everfount meteorite jade from the daily reward. In addition to the daily reward, each clearance 5 layer ratio also can get a lot of extra disposable Tongling advanced dan. Can go to the game player meteorite jade store use meteorite jade exchange advanced Dan and psychic debris, and thus enhance their own psychic power output, so that the next challenge is as easy as blowing off dust, strive for further improvement. The game has five different psychic character attributes, according to the property of restraint can easily kill the corpses of the dumplings. Figure 3 kill 51 dumplings "Tomb notes" a distinguished 51 game is the best game platform is a set research and development, operation and marketing, customer service and other professional team together to create the domestic service. The game is a product of the traditional end of the tour, web games and mobile games, including real-time combat, role-playing, war strategy, simulation and other classic works. "The imperial", "beautiful country", "legend", "blue moon. Legend", "Tomb notes", "magic throne", "Red Moon Legend 2", "sword rain," rivers and lakes "," mumbo-jumbo cavalry charge "," big world "Angel Sword", "fire", "Qisha"…… Relying on tens of millions of active users, 51 games strive to build a world-class real dating game platform. 51 "Tomb notes" official website: 51 Games: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: