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SEO Are you drawing the target audience you want with your online marketing messages? What tool do you find most helpful when it comes to marketing your business online? Did you answer these questions in your head after reading them? Hopefully you did. Most people like it when their opinion is solicited. I know that I feel more involved if my feedback is considered valuable. Companies like it when consumers answer their questions because it provides helpful insight. Reach out Often, many companies do a lot of the talking, and not enough listening. Which is kind of funny, since understanding your audience, or customer, is the key to developing a targeted message. Without a targeted message crafted to connect with a likely to convert consumer, why bother with marketing? Thousands of page views wont matter if the people clicking arent looking for your offerings, ready to buy, or to even explore their options seriously. Current customers may lose interest if they dont maintain a connection with your company after all, there are many other fish in the sea. Perhaps the easiest way to reach out to current, and potential customers is through an online poll. I dont mean a simple request for a review, or tell us what you think scenario. I am talking about an actual poll question, or several questions depending on the channel, that draw out specific feedback. That feedback should be something that actually helps you. Help yourself Gathering information about the people who are interacting on your site, liking your Facebook page, or even finding you on Twitter is the best way to plan an effective next step when it comes to marketing, customer service, and product development. Having your pulse on your public keeps you in the loop as an engaged party, rather than just a company that generates content and occasionally monitors random feedback. Conducting an online poll on your website, or through social media, even email campaigns, is a great way to create a positive image of a caring business. Think before you ask Providing an online poll can take some planning to be executed properly. Think about the timing, the message, and the channel. You could be considering a weekly polling question on Twitter, or an extended quarterly survey comprised of many questions. Whichever route you take, think about these 6 tips: * Make your question targeted enough without pushing them into a particular answer. * Do not ask questions that will be answered with a simple yes or no unless the query is specific. Think Did this shoe feel comfortable after standing on your feet for 8 hours? As opposed to does this shoe feel good? * If possible, provide a follow-up question. * Take the opportunity to collect contact data. * Consider running a poll on occasion that is simply for fun its a great way to get people participating, and to show you arent just trying to sell them. * Ask smart questions that are timely, interesting, and that demonstrate your awareness of what people need, or want to share. Building credibility, creating a positive image, assessing the pulse of your target audience, and even learning what you can do differently, are all benefits of polling online. Just make wise choices about when, how often, and how those polls will be run . If youre considering a more involved polling approach, heres a list of online polling software tools to get you going: PollDaddy MisterPoll Vizu 99 Polls PollCode SnapApp Have you ever conducted an online poll, and if so, what did you learn? If youd like to understand more about online polling and other digital marketing strategies, contact us and we can take you through several options. For more about marketing consultant atlanta please visit us http://avaxusa.com/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: