It is the Korean version of science startling step by step the importance of concealer! Prince of th

It is the Korean version of "science" startling step by step the importance of concealer! Prince of the same paragraph! The holiday is not a chase drama Bubu, can launch on the headlines of the Korean version of "startling step by step". A bunch of little meat dizzying, but I believe that many girls are directed at him. Other said, the four son of Lee Jun-ki as Wang Zhao is always wearing a mask, do you think is X?…… In fact, it is to cover the face of scars. Although it does not affect the value of Yan, is also quite distressed to see. But don’t worry, after all, South Korea has developed cosmetic technology. Oh no, it was in ancient times, so the witty mistress suddenly thought of using modern makeup to cover up the flaws! The makeup of the audience, but also to feed the mouth of dog food, our heart is collapse. Learn concealer, travel around the world. No longer mask and inseparable, the prince also exposed many people (DE) (Yi) smile. See this just want to roar: ask the prince with four concealer! Why the effect is so good! Local Concealer method to learn the six coup with perfect makeup actually, concealer to fail, you may just open the wrong way! Who look at the beauty of the concealer around the side of the people are often complained: This Concealer pen is too shallow, this box Concealer too dry, please, who can only use one? According to different parts, face different problems, this should be an antidote against the disease". You win half of the product. EASY mode: cover black eye this year, who has not been black eye hurt feelings? Stay up all night, tired, do not completely clean up may lead to Panda eyes". For now, we must choose to run enough Concealer products, because the skin around the eye is the most easy to dry the hardest hit, if the use of thick concealer, perhaps not a few hours to form a block…… Light pen Concealer is a good choice, but they also use convenient enough, lightweight shell is easy to carry, ready makeup. How to cover Step1: eye cream, massage base, let the following Concealer morerelax. Step2: Concealer products in the current triangle area. Step3: finger is the best on the makeup tools, with the fingertips gently open the concealer. NORMAL mode: red patches covered red facial makeup is a killer, some red blood seriously, some India "aggregation"…… More exaggerated when the whole face is like "red boy", really, do not think that can blush when the net red oh. Cover the pan red can not only rely on foundation ah. Fortunately, there are many choices for makeup, green concealer, you must have seen it, don’t be scared of the green color, they just can neutralize redness, if you are a small area of red, you can choose a green Concealer Concealer or, if a large area of red, simply start a green isolation primer. Yes, if it is yellowing of the skin, it is recommended to choose purple concealer. How to cover Step1: first apply the foundation, backing for the whole skin. Step2: in the local redness concealer, especially the nose, cheeks to red. With the point of the film makeup is more docile. Step3: the loose powder or pressed powder makeup, make green concealer and facial makeup thoroughly together. HARD mode: cover acne makeup, most people difficult to deal with the "devil" is.相关的主题文章: