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International oil prices fell 6% Buffett holdings of stocks on         Sina tips: This is a stock review section, only personal views and analysis of the securities consultation on related stocks or sectors, not official news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate. At your own risk. For all the accurate information about the stock, please take the announcement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the standard. Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in Monday’s closing U.S. oil fell 6%, before the end of four consecutive trading days up trend. As of closing, WTI March crude oil futures fell $2, or 6%, at $31.62 a barrel. ICE Monday, March Brent crude oil futures fell $1.75, or 4.86%, at $34.24 a barrel. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that on Monday, the Gulf States OPEC delegates said Monday, does not support the OPEC held an emergency meeting, want to wait until OPEC the next meeting is June meeting, make a decision. It also means that OPEC countries are taking concerted action to boost the expected decline in oil prices. The main factor that drove oil prices up last week was the news of oil producers or co production cuts. In January 28th, Russian energy minister Novak told the media that some OPEC member states suggested meeting in February oil exporter, Russia will participate in the oil producing countries, Saudi Arabia suggested by 5%. Other members of the OPEC, such as Venezuela, Algeria and Nigeria have called for a cut, causing serious harm to the economy of these countries oil prices fell. Earlier, Venezuelan energy minister Eulogio Del Pino visited Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries, hoping to seek support for output reduction. On the one hand is the slump in oil prices since last year, Buffett on the other hand Masukura continuous oil and gas sector. The latest regulatory documents show that Buffett took over Berkshire in January after buying US refiners Phillips 66 (PSX) shares a single month investment of up to $800 million. It is understood that, from the second half of 2015, Buffett has repeatedly shot the bottom of the oil. Goldman Sachs has recently ended its bearish stance on oil and gas shares and shifted to neutral views. Since the beginning of the year, oil and gas shares in the US stock market have been outstanding, and more than one share has been in the forefront of the S & P 500. Many agencies say oil prices are approaching the bottom, buying signs in the energy sector. The recent international oil price volatility significantly, the members of OPEC differentiation, the international voice also changed bears an overwhelming advantage, but the international oil price has been hovering in the low of $30. Where oil prices are headed may not be predicted, but with the deepening of the divide, oil and gas stocks are worth noting. If the national oil prices continued to slump, aviation and shipping transportation industry to reduce costs, investors may be concerned about the bargain: China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Chinese auspicious airlines, Hainan airlines, the long voyage Phoenix, China COSCO, CSCL, COSCO Shipping, on 国际油价大跌6%巴菲特再增持 关注概念股     新浪提示:本文属于个股点评栏目,仅为证券咨询人士对相关个股或板块的个人观点和分析,并非正式的新闻报道,新浪不保证其真实性和客观性,投资者据此操作,风险自担。一切有关该股的准确信息,请以沪深交易所的公告为准。 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   周一收盘美油大跌6%,结束之前连续四个交易日上涨的趋势。截止收盘,WTI 3月原油期货收跌2.00美元,跌幅6.0%,报31.62美元 桶。ICE布伦特 3月原油期货周一收跌1.75美元,或4.86%,报34.24美元 桶。   据《华尔街日报》周一消息称,海湾国家OPEC代表们周一称,不支持OPEC召开紧急会议,希望等到OPEC下次会议,也就是6月会议,再做决定。这也意味着OPEC国家们采取共同行动提振油价的预期下降。   上周刺激油价上涨的主要因素是产油国或将协同减产的消息。俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克1月28日对媒体说,欧佩克一些成员国建议2月份召开石油出口国会议,俄罗斯将参加,沙特阿拉伯建议各产油国减产5%。   OPEC其它成员国,如委内瑞拉、阿尔及利亚、尼日利亚均呼吁减产,油价重挫给这些国家的经济带来了严重危害。此前,委内瑞拉能源部长Eulogio Del Pino到访俄罗斯、沙特等国,希望寻求减产上的支持。   一方面是自去年以来油价暴跌,另一方面巴菲特连续增仓油气板块。最新监管文件显示,巴菲特执掌的伯克希尔公司在1月份接连买入美国炼油企业菲利普斯66(PSX)的股票,单月投资规模高达8亿美元。据了解,从2015年下半年开始,巴菲特已多次出手抄底石油。   高盛也在近期结束对油气股的看空立场,转而持中性观点。年初以来美股市场上油气股表现突出,多只个股跻身标普500涨幅榜的前列。多家机构表示,油价正在“接近底部”,能源板块出现买入信号。   近期国际油价波幅明显,OPEC成员国分化加剧,国际声音也一改空头压倒性优势,但国际油价一直徘徊于30美元低位。油价到底走向何方也许无法预测,但伴随着分化的加剧,无论涨跌油价概念股都值得关注。   若国家油价持续低迷,航空及水运等运输行业成本降低,投资者可逢低关注: 南方航空、中国国航、东方航空、吉祥航空、海南航空、长航凤凰、中国远洋、中海集运、中远航运、重庆港九等。   若国际油价反转,可积极关注A股受益油价上涨的投资标的。关注两个方面:一是石油上游勘探领域里油田服务公司,其中估值低和弹性大的标的有海油工程、中海油服、恒泰艾普等;   二是油价反弹过程中,多数石油化工品价格表现较高的弹性,其中尤以上游基础化学品(乙烯、丙烯、丁二烯、苯等)弹性最高,相关石油化工类上市公司中利润弹性较高的有恒逸石化、桐昆股份、齐翔腾达等。   进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: