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In no area streaking The Legendary Swordsman – Sohu of tourism about unmanned area again a, how many friends there are so many questions about unmanned area graphic, I want to say, this is not only the material, sometimes a memory can be kept for a long time, but it suddenly forgotten. When we walk in the sun yadandemao sunny color, in the rut winding between, draw arc to become a forgotten. All of a sudden, there was a picture of faith in my mind, and in Qinghai, Tibet, and the west of Sichuan, I have seen countless Tibetan compatriots who have given up all their devotion. Too many people touched by this picture, but in the secular world not many people are willing to pay for it, because there are all kinds of thing, whether it is high official positions and riches are good. Originally just want to look at the quiet here, after all, some of the scenery can only be arranged to see, some things also need time precipitation. Do not know who proposed that heaven and earth in Yardang began to run on the sand dunes, some people still rush, some people, some people watch, a little higher, aerial words is a little bit. But really in that wilderness bolted together cannot stop, although the sun has been dipped, but the wind is still in the cold, I got off the only clothes, bare chested. Life is so, categorically because of civilization and began to have a sense of shame, but also so that too many people to the original idea of the cover, gradually because of the rules of the reasons, their own circle. Including the belief, some people may seem that this is a different kind of bondage, but no one has investigated the real reason. We all just want to get rid of the moment, all bound, flying in the world, this moment belongs to own arena, who also can not stop! Really return to the origin, or continue to belong to each person established arrangements, eat, sleep or drink. I was around in the remote place, found some special things, seemingly simple, seems to hide too much profound story, such as beer bottles, remote control and a pair of shoe. I still have the three things to edit a legend in my mind: it is said that a person to drink a bottle of wine in the last unmanned area, remote control without batteries, so the loss of supplies his despair to this, slowly lay down, until the time was later discovered, only to see these things have never been weathered. Although this is a tragic story, but is not perfect, but has not even antecedents and consequences, in my mind for a long time, never forget, but never put the perfect story. Graphic original author, reproduced please do not change, the use of commercial contact author. Author: people from the media, senior travelers, travel video bloggers, micro-blog signed a contract from the media, fashion, travel, travel Master micro-blog game player Lotour columnist, tuniu, big game player where smart traveler, advanced sleep tester, network NJ, interpret the world with text, voice! Adhere to the original, adhere to the original ecological travel, micro-blog search: just line I相关的主题文章: