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I love writing twenty-eighth: Chrysanthemum song at the most beautiful season tourism "in September – Sohu Chongyang, all Shangju, several……" The Song Dynasty — Meng Yuanlao menghualu "Tokyo ·" article in the autumn; Chongyang imperceptibly, a good time when chrysanthemum. Speaking of appreciation chrysanthemum, had to mention kaifeng. The Northern Song Dynasty, have become the chrysanthemum. As the capital city, it raises the chrysanthemum wind prevails, every family to raise the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum for pleasure. To the Ming and Qing dynasties have opened chrysanthemum style flourished, the Qianlong emperor and yuwangtai, "fan Wuqing, frost chrysanthemum white heap." The verse. Today it is amazing to see that special varieties of chrysanthemum. This period [I love to write a travel] will lead you into this chrysanthemum city, the recruitment of 6 people to enjoy the chrysanthemum, Kaifeng song ancient city to enjoy the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum feast! What are you waiting for?! Li Junsheng: [] the photo opening song of the ancient city of Cultural Industry Park [6]: Chrysanthemum Master [] collection time: September 25th -9 month 27 days [] registration time: from now to September 11th 24 deadline will be opened songdou city 3 days chrysanthemum free tour opportunity to return unopened transportation Kaifeng local accommodation, attractions tickets, provided by the organizers. Note: this event jointly selected by the Sohu tourism and event organizers winners. At the end of the event, participants are required to submit at least 2 entries on the trip. The factors of comprehensive quality, the amount of reading blogs for awards, huge prizes waiting for you oh! [1] to send the contents of registration, click on the Short Message, #: Song chrysanthemum season your #+ Sohu since the name of the media Sohu public platform + personal homepage. 2, pay attention to the Sohu WeChat (ID: sohu_travel) official travel and give back a message, send content: # song chrysanthemum season you #+ Sohu since the name of the media Sohu public platform + personal homepage. For example: # song chrysanthemum season #+ love of travel card + Yuhe Yuhe Sun Guoqiang photo chrysanthemum flower main venue Longting Park panorama Tianbo Yang Fu tower tower night opened the ancient city wall – off source: yuwangtai ancient pagoda scenic Kaifeng yuwangtai yuwangtai official website open source: culture cultural living room opened the living room opening song website [the ancient city of cultural industry park] when it was the capital of eight dynasties is eight ancient capitals of China, has a long history, splendid culture, city early pattern formation. Especially in the Northern Song Dynasty in Tokyo City, "the whole struggle to collect, Guoxian million", is the political, economic and military Chinese, technological and cultural center, is the world’s most bustling metropolis. Over the past one thousand years, Kaifeng city pattern and axis remains unchanged, the Song Dynasty is the style of the ancient city has been preserved. In the 008 year, the municipal government of Kaifeng city established the historical and cultural city as the cultural industry park. The planning area of the park is 14.4 kilometers long within the walls of the ancient city and the whole area.相关的主题文章: