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Hundred city prices latest data released! Is your house up or down? August 100 city prices up both expand from WeChat public, CCTV financial (ID:cctvyscj) September 1st Chinese Index Research Institute released the "August 2016 real estate index system Chinese 100 city price index report", Chinese real estate index system 100 city price index of 100 city new residential sample survey data, according to the August 2016, 100 (New) National City residential average price of 12270 yuan per square metre, the city housing prices rose 2.17%, rose 0.54 percentage points last month to expand. August 2016, the country’s 100 cities (New) residential average price of 12270 yuan square meters, one hundred city house prices rose by 2.17%, up from the previous month to expand by 0.54 percentage points. From the number of ups and downs of the city, 68 cities rose, the city fell in the 29 cities, the same as the 3 cities. Compared with the previous month, this month the number of city house prices rose in the city increased by 2, which rose more than 1% of the city has 36, last month increased 7; the number of the month Baicheng city house prices fell by 1, of which more than 1% decline in the city has 2, and last month to ping. Data sources: China Index Research Institute, the national 100 cities (New) residential average price rose by 13.75% over the same period last year, an increase of the previous month to expand by 1.36 percentage points. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai ten city (New) residential average price of 23568 yuan per square meter, up 2.72%, or 0.52 percentage points last month to expand; an increase of 18.06%, or 0.87 percentage points last month to expand. Overall, in August the property market heat unabated, one hundred city house prices, rose year on year expansion, some cities prices rose larger and mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, Bohai city circle three. Policy, in August 3rd, the national development and Reform Commission issued "better" play a key role of investment to economic growth, to further promote the healthy development of the real estate investment policies applied by the city to increase control efforts; thereafter, the hot city regulation constantly increased, Suzhou, Nanjing government issued to improve the two suites down payment, the adjustment of land auction policies to stabilize housing prices surging; Changsha, Urumqi inventory pressure of the city through the relaxation of the housing provident fund loans policy, give financial subsidies and other measures to stimulate demand for the release, inventory to encourage. Supply side, a second tier cities to the king of the frequency, boost premium prices, rising housing prices is expected to drive housing prices increased sales prices. Demand, the core city transactions remain high heat, and continue to conduction to the surrounding cities. In the future, in the hot city property market continued high temperature conditions, the regulation of real estate will further increase the intensity, at the same time as the market conduction effect continue to appear, or the future will have more to join the ranks of city policy tightening. The price, with the property market into the "golden nine silver ten" the traditional peak season, the overall market both supply and demand will continue upward, rising trend of city house prices is expected to continue. Hundred city (New) housing prices rose 201 decline analysis.相关的主题文章: