Hunan province network reporting department in September to receive 10032 reports of Internet users borderland

Hunan Province, the network reported September users reported receiving 10032 – Hunan Channel – September 2016, Hunan Network Information Office report departments, cities and states, the local site to take effective measures to actively promote the network construction work report, clear network space, received a total of 10032 users report. Audited, 7659 pieces of effective reporting. September, the province has dealt with 6351 effective reporting of Internet users, disposal rate of up to 82.9%. A comprehensive analysis of the case reports, pornographic harmful information reporting is still more prominent, up to 3255, accounting for 42.5%; the political class of harmful information reported accounted for 21.3%; fraud harmful information reported accounted for 4.5%; violation of the rights and interests of users accounted for more than 1.6% kinds of harmful information reported; gambling harmful information reported accounted for 1.3%; the fear of violence harmful information reporting accounted for 0.7%; the other harmful information reported accounted for 28.1%. Among them, Liling 9 – 23 traffic accident information by Internet users to report. Hunan Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center direct acceptance, disposal of Internet users to report 4357. After verification, the State Department jointly with the municipal network interviews drip records network, aesthetic village website; with the relevant departments to investigate and punish the Liling car accident caused 13 people dead "" Yueyang discovered "cannibal girls’" "Cili who steal children" "Daoxian County will draw Hunan into Guangxi", "Yongzhou City streets smashed roadside stalls" Xiangtan police hit "and other online rumors pass rumors, illegal behavior, administrative detention rumourmongers 4, related to the disposal of more than 70 Internet rumors, and rumor through territorial news websites and two micro end in a timely manner, and resolutely safeguard the network information and communication order; cooperate with related departments to fight together with WeChat group casino, online gambling involving up to 94 yuan, and seized a large number of firearms parts and finished products of air guns, and arrested 3 people involved. Up to now, the center has issued a report this year to reward 17 yuan reward. Welcome to the community, the majority of Internet users to report illegal and harmful information on the internet. (reporter Hong WAN) report Tel: 0731-82688060 report website: report mailbox: hunanfuwu168@163 mobile terminal report: WeChat concern net letter Hunan into the network report". (Chen Qinxing, Zeng Lu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: