Hunan new regulations no work-related injury insurance can also request compensation for industrial cashmere mafia

Hunan: new regulations do not work injury insurance may also request compensation – Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changsha September 24th news (reporter Xie Ying) 24 reporters from Hunan province people club office was informed that the "Hunan provincial labor dispute arbitration handling standards (Trial)" officially announced, the file system specification of the arbitration procedure and entity application of law, from October 1st onwards. Hunan Provincial Department of human resources and social mediation and arbitration management office director Huang Pengfei introduced, according to the new regulations, where workers the employer did not participate in the work-related injury insurance, because the third person tort caused personal injury, occupational injury, workers in the third to pay damages, still request the employer compensation for work-related injury insurance benefits, the employer shall be supported; rescission or termination of the labor contract workers and workers for the employer in accordance with the relevant provisions of the industrial injury insurance paid employment subsidies for the disabled, should be supported. The standard also requires the employer to formulate internal rules and regulations and collective contract or the labor contract is inconsistent, the laborer requests priority for the contract, the labor dispute arbitration commission shall be supported; the employer fails to pay for the workers basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance, or workers not to enjoy the basic pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance benefits is at fault, the laborer requests the employer to compensate for the losses, can be supported. In addition, the standard does not belong to the scope of the labor dispute arbitration case also made a clear provision. For example, the worker and the employer for the base fee, the payment period of social insurance disputes occur; students in work study, production practice of probation and unit disputes etc..相关的主题文章: