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The human robot innovation to promote sports science and technology – Sohu from a cage match to the laser gun, artificial intelligence open sports new world science fiction channel held the 2013 robot fighting League final is a history of the game. Sports fans first witnessed one ton, up to eight feet of the robot in the machinery of life and death battle launched a desperate fight. Both sides of the game — Crash and Steampunk — in the combat process truly sparks and smoke fly. In the game outside the fence, each robot is composed of a team control, each team consists of a warrior (robo-jockey) and a mechanical engineer, fighter wearing the iron man suit, is responsible for the control of robot arm; and a mechanical engineer using a joystick to control the robot legs. Race into the fourth round, the car is the theme of the poor state of the robot Crash. His left hand was suspended by a rope and could not be used. In the twinkling of an eye, sparks fly, Crash’s right hand flies out. The audience exclaimed, host Chris Jericho then screamed: "no hand Crash!" Shinsel is the father and daughter, they are Intel’s software engineers before the final round, daughter stalls operating Crash combination Shinsels with 20 minutes of stoppage time, rushed to the venue, to spread the robot assembly back to fight the form reluctantly. Crash in the fourth round and final round has been waving even shaky in the arm fist, also want to overthrow the rickety rival Steampunk, which is almost impossible to turn the trunk. The final round was an impasse, but the Crash and the Shinsels team won the game with a total score of 30-27. Dave, a senior software engineer at Intel, said: "the fighting for the next two hours is mixed with passion and exhaustion, filled with adrenaline." In the past 15 years, Dave has been making robots in his spare time. Currently, he is working on a humanoid robot with advanced object recognition and manipulation skills. Although engineers such as Shinsel have been working on artificial intelligence and machine learning for years, the science fiction channel’s robot battle League shows the great potential of the robot competition. This potential is reflected in a variety of ways in the world, including the flying robot competition, which is commonly known as UAV competition. Robot combat and mechanical damage spread in March, the latest Dubai UAV Grand Prix brings together some of the best UAV operator from around the world. June, the Robot World Cup held in the simulation of robot soccer and rescue classes. Intelligence and technology global events Roborace the robot and racing together. According to PC World reported that 10 teams (each team has two cars) will be in this year’s formula one season in a series of "one hour race" in the race. All group.相关的主题文章: