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Huang Xiaolei Aya "very fit" cross-border woman a tough battle – Sohu Huang Xiaolei "Huang Xiaolei" Aya cross entertainment Huang Xiaolei Aya guest last set of challenges in the "king of comedy" cross-border entertainment news Sohu will usher in the season "cross king" this Saturday in the comedy, Huang Xiaolei this period will partner Taiwan variety goddess Aya, "cross" on the stage not only the first double the cooperation, but also invited Chen Handian back, active atmosphere, the audience enthusiasm. Beijing satellite TV cross-border comedy King recording is nearing completion, the last group of contestants in the show is also very concerned about. Comedian Huang Xiaolei in the show has been working with the male guests, creating a lot of excellent works, and this is full of sense of variety and the challenge of the competition to join the Aya, it is a surprise. The two goddesses together for the first time will double women staged not resigned to playing second fiddle, he won the battle in the program, the two sisters as fiery, more is to compete for popularity, to the audience of heroic sent gift, the audience enthusiastic applause, is to let Chen Handian become the weakest sense of the kidnappers, the site attracted more than hilarious story. The ups and downs is looking forward to. In Beijing TV cross-border comedy king, Huang Xiaolei with its outstanding works to attract the attention of many fans, and this issue will be the friction between the cooperation of the spark, causing the audience to look forward to the friction of the Aya.相关的主题文章: