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Entrepreneurialism Steve Dooley 520-400-9105 How SMART Goat Setting Will Earn You A Million Bucks! SMART Goal Setting: I first learned about the acronym S.M.A.R.T goal setting when I was taking a class to become a personal trainer. However, I’m sure that is not the original origin of the concept. I really like it, because it makes setting definite goals a very simple process. Entire courses exist to teach this stuff. This is the beauty of this goal setting process. S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Timely Alright, let’s get after it. . . . Specific – Your goal must be specific. You must have a crystal clear picture of what you expect to achieve. The mind thinks in pictures. It’s imperative to be have a goal specific enough to visualize. For example, you have the goal of becoming wealthy and retiring early from the job that you hate. Good luck with that. You will never get that because it’s way to unspecified. Your goal may start out that way – as a dream or an idea. In order to actually get there you must crystallize it into a specific vision that you can see clearly in your mind. This obscure intention could be specified like this…..I am devoting at least 10 hrs every week to establish a network marketing business with company XYZ to accomplish no less than $10,000 per month in residual benefits. This allows me to retire by Dec. 31st 2012. Measurable – Once you have your main goal specified you must break it down into bite-sized measurable chunks. In the previous example your goal was to earn $10,000 per month through network marketing in about 3 years. Adopting SMART objective setting you can then ask "what work habit will I need to get to point B?" Suppose you need to sponsor at least 2 distributors in your network marketing business every month to compose a team large enough to achieve your desired gains in 2 years. Simplifying it even further let’s say you needed to have 31-39 leads to enroll two associates. That would mean you would need to get an average of two leads/day coming into your business. So you must obtain at least 2 leads per day reach your end destination of early retirement. Do you see how you start from the large desired result and break it up into small, measurable daily action steps? Like the saying goes "inch by inch it’s a cinch!" Attainable – Here’s the facts. Not everyone is physically gifted like Michael Jordan. For me the objective of splintering Mike’s points per game record is really impossible. In that same breath I will say that you can do almost anything you put your mind to. SMART goal setting says that you must only set daily desire results that are under your control. Utilizing our representation before it would not be desirable to set an objective that said, "I will have 2 business leads every day no matter what." This is setting yourself up for collapse. It was a gigantic blooper I made when just starting out in MLM. I concluded that very intention and then beat myself up when I didn’t achieve it every single day. A more excellent intention would state "I am prospecting at least 5 people every day to obtain 25 leads each month." That means I am marketing to at least 5 people every day on average. Truly the only aspect of this business we have complete control over is our work ethic. We can’t mandate the results, but we can do the work and let the law of averages take over. That’s SMART goal setting. Realistic – Always strive for improvement, but you also want to accomplish the desired results you set. Set small goals that you know you can accomplish in the beginning. With that triumph your determination grows. Once you accomplish an objective just reset it and multiply upon it. Even if your first few intentions seem easy it will get more difficult as you progress. Don’t set enormous objectives right off the bat or again you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. Centralize on consistent effort and increasing incrementally along the way. Timely – This is one of the foundational yet most often overlooked parts of objective setting. You must contrive a time-line for the attainment of your main desired result along with all of your sub-goals that will get you there. Just remember "someday" never comes. Without a hard time-line you’ll never get to where you’re going. .stevedooleyinc../ Steve Dooley 520-400-9105 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: