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The hen’s travel – Sohu mother and child believe that we have seen the hen, hen looks like that. But if the protagonist of the story is just like this, will not be too boring? So, let us look at the genius of the artist in the eyes of the hen, what will be…… In a small house on the corner of the town, there lived a little hen named Peggy. Every day, rain or shine, Peggy ate breakfast, playing in the yard, watching the flying dove. On a cloudy morning, a gust of wind blew up and rolled up the leaves, branches and leaves on the ground…… Peggy! Where is this? Seems to be far away from home. Peggy shook his hips, got up, shook his feathers, and walked on. There are so many new things in town, Peggy has never seen before. She go all the way around, looking for a while, while marvel, turn around, while dancing, while also taste delicious…… Peggy also found a soft place to sleep well. In the dream, she saw his nest. Peggy tried to ask passers-by, has anyone seen her home. But who can understand a hen? On the street, people’s footsteps are in a hurry. Suddenly, Peggy saw something in the crowd. Sunflower! And the truth in your yard! Peggy followed the sunflower. Sunflower sat down, and she sat down. The window began to move. The building, the tree ran back quickly…… When Peggy looked up, the sunflower was off the train. She wished she could catch the train, but the sunflower was gone. Dark clouds filled the sky, the weather gradually dark, cold wind up. A flock of birds flew over Peggy’s head. Dove is! Peggy finally saw the familiar yard. It feels so good to be home! Every day, rain or shine, Peggy ate breakfast, playing in the yard, and dove chat…… Sometimes, they will take a train to the city to see. Free public attention WeChat – his mother’s story house or micro signal baomadegushiwu (long press copy) every day treasure mother will talk of children’s picture book story Oh sound to the kids here.相关的主题文章: