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[heavy] Bengio from established deep learning incubator, to China artificial intelligence industry (with new Zhi Yuan exclusive video) – new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan original source: Wired, Element AI, Liu Xiaoqin Wen Fei, translator: Hu Xiangjie [new] Introduction Zhi Yuan deep learning is one of the three gods Bengio officially entered the industry! Bengio is involved in the creation of a named Element AI incubator, with a strong academic strength as a selling point, including himself, to provide a "solution" the one and only for the enterprises, but also in the way of joint venture support (investment) AI startups. Bengio told AI from academia to industry personnel expressed concern, but now he may realize that this trend is unstoppable, with deep learning as the representative of the AI technology is entering an industry application, with the opposition, not to join them, leading researchers to maximize the potential of deep learning in the industry. Not only that, he also said that the establishment of incubators is only one step in the establishment of his AI ecosystem in Montreal. In fact, in 2016 9 yuan chi new lunar visit to Bengio, he expressed concern and interest in industry. This article is dedicated to the video only at AI WORLD 2016 World Conference on artificial intelligence, Bengio talk about the hope of China’s artificial intelligence industry. Bengio to create a deep learning incubator, trying to build the ecosystem of AI Yoshua Bengio, the deep learning leader behind the rise, established a focus of artificial intelligence Silicon Valley incubator. The business incubator named Element AI, will help University of Montreal (Bengio is a professor at the University) and the nearby McGill University AI research team founded the company. Bengio said that this is only part of his plan to build the AI ecosystem in Montreal. Bengio said that Montreal’s academic research on deep learning has "the world’s most attention", where the birth of AI now in Google, Facebook and Microsoft these companies play an important role. "Element AI will help startups to enter this fast-growing area, and there will be a team of experts, including my own, to help guide them in the right direction," Bengio said." According to Bengio, there are about 100 researchers at University of Montreal specializing in deep learning, and about 50 of these researchers are at McGill university. Although there is a debate about whether such a concentration of researchers is a hotbed of research in Europe, the importance of deep learning is undeniable. Last week, researchers at Microsoft announced a system for calculating the accuracy of speech recognition at a human level. In the task of transcription of previous telephone recordings into words, the system is more specialized than professional shorthand.相关的主题文章: