Guangzhou TOYOTA new Lei Lei listed for sale 109 thousand and 800 yuan foldercure

Guangzhou TOYOTA Ralink listed for sale 109 thousand and 800 yuan from the Phoenix car news today, TOYOTA announced the new Ralink listed, the new car will be equipped with 1.2T and 1.8L engine, launched a total of 7 models, guide price range of 10.98-15.08 million. The new TOYOTA Ralink official guide price models (million) 1.2T E 1.2T E CVT manual version of the 10.98 new cutting-edge version 11.98 1.2T G manual Elite Edition 11.68 1.2T G CVT 1.2T V CVT Elite Edition 12.68 Deluxe Edition 13.38 1.8GS CVT Elite Edition 14.18 15.08 tab: 1.8GS-L CVT leading edition phoenix new automobiles leiling biggest feature is the new TOYOTA collocation development 1.2T D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine, this is TOYOTA’s development of the first small displacement turbocharged engine. It integrates the hybrid engine used by the Atkinson cycle technology and direct injection turbocharged technology. This engine can output the maximum power of 85 kilowatts, the peak torque of 185 nm, integrated low fuel consumption to 5.4 liters per hundred kilometers. This engine is matched with 6 speed manual and CVT cvt. The new Lei also on the appearance of the interior, security and other aspects of energy saving upgrades. The whole system comes standard with vehicle stability control system (VSC), traction control system (TRC) and HAC (HAC) active security suite, and the TOYOTA SMART STOP intelligent oil saving start stop system.相关的主题文章: