Guangzhou, a shopping mall is now a strange man to pick up the rest of the drink to drink surprise c 3u8895

A shopping mall in Guangzhou is strange man naked to pick up the leftover drinks customers – Sohu news frightened a naked man holding a cup of terrified customer discarded beverage, appeared in Guangzhou animation star city mall on September 17th afternoon, a man accused of strange behavior, Yuexiu District is a shopping mall in Guangzhou. The behavior of the man once caused confusion shopping malls. To press time reporter, the man has left the mall. September 17th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, friends @ wonderful seed in micro-blog upload photos of the two. The two pictures show, a man wearing no clothes to appear in Guangzhou city of Yuexiu District animation star city shopping mall. I saw the man had taken the elevator through the mall’s negative two and negative layer and ground exports, including a photo showing the man was holding a drink. "Cartoon star originally along with a bunch of woman under the elevator, suddenly all run back, the elevator has stopped, I continue to walk, I have a naked man came up… Users describe the situation at the time the mall. To 17 evening, when 8, has been forwarded to the user for the second time, comment on the 57 article of 468. Many users are surprised to see the naked man downtown. Reporters arrived at 7 pm that evening animation star city, found the mall order has been restored. In store negative layer and negative two, many merchants said the same day at 4 pm, a man did not wear clothes inside the mall, some customers therefore scared away, to a certain extent affected the market order. "We are afraid that he will affect the safety of his customers and drive him away from the market." A shopping mall security personnel, said the mall is tracing the man in the mall why naked. The man’s appearance, so that the order of the store was a mess, we chase him to the negative layer, a customer scared to throw his hands on the ground. The man picked up his drink and went out of the shop." The security officer said, the man toward Yuexiu District and Liwan District junction direction. In view of the men have left the mall, security personnel will no longer take action on it. For the identity of the man, more than one user has seen the net transfer pictures, said the man from time to time will appear in Guangzhou and Liwan District, Yuexiu District, and the surrounding people have a certain impact.相关的主题文章: