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Home-and-Family Some people have great relationships with their parents. Some kids lean more towards their father and some their mother. A lot of the time son’s are closer to their father’s and daughter’s close to their mothers. This isn’t always the case but holds true a lot of the time. I always had issues with my father. A lot of the issues had to do with the way he treated me. The way he treated me had a lot to do with the way he was brought up. He was raised by his grand parents. His grand father was very strict and would often throw him across the room for the slightest infraction. It comes at no surprise that some of that behavior stuck with him in his adult years. On top of his upbringing, he also has a very bad temper. This may also come from his upbringing, but I believe that is something someone should be able to control. When you combine an abusive upbringing and a temper problem, it’s a bad combination and I experienced this first hand. I’m now 29 and my dad is 68. We get a long just fine and I’ve mostly forgiven him for his actions, but I will never forget. It has made a lasting impression on me and made me the man that I am today. I’ve inherited his bad temper, though I usually keep it in check. I also have a moderately serious case of social anxiety. I am not sure, but I think this stem’s from his behavior towards me. I would attempt to hide out in my room and not be social, as to avoid his attention. I think this has caused me to have anxiety. My father would become very angry when I didn’t do what he said. I would often rebel against his abuse by not doing what he said or outright telling him no. It was the only way I had to try and stop the situation. He would sometimes hit me in the chest or my head. This made me hate him pretty quickly. Like a vicious cycle, he would be abusive, I would go to my room and then 20-30 minutes later after he cooled down he would come in an apologize. He would try to tell me how he lost his temper and shouldn’t have done those things. It was boring and the same each time. It always happened and it made no difference to me. I dealt with this behavior until I was old enough to move out. I was finally free of his abusive behavior. My younger brother received some of this behavior but not nearly as bad as I did. If you find yourself in this situation, the best you can do is reach out to an abuse hotline. They will help you through the situation and hopefully come to an amicable solution where you father learns that he cannot act that way. The key is to stop it before it gets serious. Actions like these can emotionally injure young kids, for life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: