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Frankfurt, the United States because of the Pearl River Tourism Sohu – Li Hongyu is the first graphic that Frankfurt is because of the Frankfurt international auto show, the car has been very interested in, let me in the city of Frankfurt is full of longing. This time I came to Frankfurt, I didn’t see the show, but I was fascinated by the city. Frankfurt’s full name is called "Frankfurt am Main", translated from the United States because of the Frankfurt River, from the name can be seen, the United States because the river is the mother river of Frankfurt. After the friend went to Frankfurt, went straight to the major shopping mall, I do not go shopping on the streets carrying a camera. Frankfurt is an economically developed city, the streets can be seen everywhere in the rush of people. The ancient city of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, the city has more than 1200 years of history, the whole city left a lot of ancient buildings, sometimes in the city where there are surprises when wandering. After a bridge, to see a lot of locks locked in a variety of shapes, but this is quite similar to the domestic. There is an accordion player on the bridge, there are many artists in many cities in Germany, and most of the accordion music instruments. Standing next to stop for a while, very nice, very on the road to the tip of five euros. Here is the Rome square Berg center of the old city of Frankfurt, named Rome Berg square, Frankfurt many celebrations are held here. The dove of peace square, are not afraid of people. In the central Rome City Hall Plaza for Berg place, there is a statue of the goddess of justice like a fountain, a symbol of the goddess holding a pair of scales, fair. Because the streets of Frankfurt is a person in the city aimlessly, see a subway station, we went in to see, on this side of the subway station really is not that much. Along a direction for a long time, to see a very old building in front of a stock exchange. The outside of the stock exchange doesn’t seem to be busy at all, it may be the real thing. Always think that the German handsome guy more than beauty, much more. On the stock exchange, there are two very interesting statues, one of which is a cow Central Plaza in Frankfurt’s most bustling business district, there is a square, do not know what the name. I sat in this square for an hour, watching the people coming and going, next to an old man has been with me. There is a sculpture on the square, approached a look at the introduction, all the German do not understand, the weather is particularly good. In the middle was a goddess, and her left hand took a weapon. Travel in Europe, often see a similar sculpture, has become a part of its culture, as there are temples everywhere in china. When traveling in Frankfurt is very short, more friends come here for shopping, it is a rewarding. Travel Raiders live in Frankfurt in the evening, after a rest in the hotel and friends to find a bar to drink. Have to say the night life in germany.相关的主题文章: