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Who Is Responsible For Fire Safety? If you are the owner of a business, employer, landlord or occupier of non-domestic premises, then you are responsible for fire safety. In England and Wales, the responsible party is required to .ply with Fire Safety Order laws, enforced by your local Fire and Rescue authority. If you do not follow fire safety regulations, you could end up getting fined and/or go to prison. There are six main steps to assessing your .pliance, Indentify fire hazards Regularly review and update your fire risk assessment strategies Once you have assessed the fire risks in your workplace, you should appoint a responsible person to carry out and .plete tasks. Informing your staff about possible risks within the workplace will reduce the risk to life if a fire should break out. Fire safety officers from your local authority can check from premises at any time to make sure that appropriate fire risk prevention measures are in place. If you they were to find problems with your assessment, then they have the right to serve you with a formal fire safety notice. Alterations Notice – If your premises has a high safety risk or will have if the use of premises changes Prohibition Notice – Effective immediately, access to your premises can be restricted or prohibited if too great a fire risk is identified. Non .pliance is serious, minor penalties can results in a fine of up to 5,000 and major penalties can carry a prison sentence of up to 2 years and unlimited fines. If you do not feel that you have the time or expertise to .plete a fire risk assessment, then seeking guidance from a professional consultancy could help. Your local fire and rescue authority can advise you on your risk assessment, but cannot carry assessments out for you. Arinite Fire Safety Consultants For help with your fire safety risk assessment, seek expert professional help from Arinite Fire Safety Consultants . Our assessments can help your business .ply with legal requirements, and produce action plans and risk assessment checklists. If you choose to use Arinite fire safety consultants, we will provide you with a summary of findings and re.mendations, action plan, risk assessment and fire risk assessment summary and a fire risk assessment checklist. Ensuring your business has appropriate fire safety measures in place will validate insurance claims for your .pany insurer. Contact Arinite today on 020 7947 9581 and ask for Brendan Tuite About the Author: 相关的主题文章: