Faye Wong also follow the trend of the tide absent-minded accessories oboni

Faye Wong also follow the trend of the tide absent-minded accessories lead: absent-minded girl always wears earrings lost, but if lost two is simply just a practical, lost, let alone cannot have another opportunity to play "". However, the trend in 2016 is simply the careless accessories of the gospel, you don’t have to worry about losing a single drop heart feeling, because only a single fashion now! Not only in response to international T on all, even after Faye Wong can not escape. (editor of micro-blog @YumengCheung[]) in October 2nd, Faye Wong Paris fashion week debut Celine 2017 spring and summer series released show Beijing time on the evening of October 2nd, Faye Wong appeared in Paris fashion week Celine spring 2017 show, this is two years after the return to the days of Paris fashion week. A baggy suit, and neutral, however red ear is whole elegant black and white touch. More outstanding is, after only wear the single earrings, this is the most popular this year is the most personal way of wearing. In general, only wearing earrings with unilateral ear hair lotion. One side is also wearing earrings the ears, the other side of the hair covering the ears, both long hair and short hair can be, as Faye Wong demonstrates. Of course, this is not standard, whether or not the ears, or whether the unilateral or bilateral ears, it can follow your feelings and preferences. As long as one wearing earrings, this trend is in your hands than [heart]. Although wearing earrings is very special single personality, but different types of single earrings or have different aura with. [amount] to the general volume of exaggeration of the Faye Wong as an example, this type of exaggerated earrings will give people a powerful aura, domineering, so sweet and gentle girl walking type type did not try, do not accord with your temperament. Don’t worry about the style that suits you. Similar styles of single earrings in exaggerated still like a raging fire in the world’s four largest fashion week in a wide range of applications, many designers will wear earrings are added to the single method of brand new series released in the catwalk. Balmain-2017 series of spring and summer Jil-Sander-2017 spring and summer series Monse-2017 series Prabal-Gurung-2017 series Tibi-2017 spring and summer summer summer series [] is the next thread in terms of slender type earrings for gentle temperament type of girl, no complicated design, simple lines, plus the vertical trend, will you face foil to the more compact, and the size is not suitable for earrings a slim girl, will help you lose weight in the overall vision. Zimmermann 2017 spring and summer series and Dion Lee 2017 spring and summer series released in a single earring is a very good demonstration. Zimmermann-2017 series of spring and summer Dion-Lee-2017 spring and summer series [lovely small and close to the ear!相关的主题文章: