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Everyone likes the Fried rice with egg would you do? Sohu and small – one that is fried chicken, so don’t cook, eat a long-standing problem, so small essential survival skills is the instant noodles, frozen Boiled dumplings and Fried rice with egg! The other two is simple we will not say, delicious Fried rice with egg not everyone can do, so lovely small to send tutorial materials: the production method of La La La ~ 1 Steamed Rice red incense disc, green beans, a little mushroom 13, carrot 13, sausage, egg yolk half root 2, oil and a little salt, onion half root Fried rice with egg 1, mushroom and carrot clean, cut Xiaoding standby, the sausage steamer steamed, cut into small cubes, 2 green beans to remove outer layer of skin, wash with water, water for 2~3 minutes out of the pot 3, egg yolk with standby a bowl with chopsticks stir scattered spare 4, just out of the rice cooker Steamed Rice, add a few drops of oil with a spoon, scattered 5 pot, end pot gently shake, hot pot, pour in Steamed Rice, fire stir fry 6, to listen to To Steamed Rice popping sound when the egg yolk liquid into Steamed Rice surface, to the egg yolk during initial solidification, began to stir, and 7 Steamed Rice Steamed Rice full egg and stir evenly, add green beans, sausage, Cran Rob Martin, apricot Bao Guding stir fry sausages, sausage 8 smell emanated from Steamed Rice in, add a little salt, stir evenly, add a little onion dish pan nice yummy Fried rice with egg learned, do you? Try to do it yourself!相关的主题文章: