EHOME produced after the three C era athletic heart is not old Sylar zhongguorentiyishu

EHOME produced: after three C era of competition is not old Sylar Author: EHOME Sylar electronic sports club, Liu Jiajun, in 2011 began its occupation career from WE, LGD, RStars, VG was removed after joining the EHOME, now, the Secretary 1. At the beginning of this year, the transfer period, there is a speech on the web, "EHOME if Sylar can be used, it should be very strong, after all, for EHOME, the move makes the team have two number three, but the lack of a no.. Now the time in the past half a year, in the new transfer period, three of the leading figures in the C era, ushered in his new club — EHOME! From ancient times in 2007, EHOME will enter the field of DOTA, began to explore and conquer the game. DC, 820, AAA, X, FCB!!, a ID like thunder, the older generation of players in the domestic occupation, and a little more or less EHOME. The passage of time, the DOTA pattern is not the appearance of that year, in the feudal lords vying for the throne of the environment, almost never appeared in the 2010 EHOME monopolized the situation. In TI6, EHOME carefully developed "strongest" system by EG showdown, EHOME tasted the sweetness of the tactical system, also suffered from a single routine. The TI6 champion Wings with the hero of the sea tactics will be a blow to the opponent, raised the highest honor trophy DOTA2 shield. After entering the post TI6 era, it seems that all the teams have been aware of the hero pool is an important way to win. We can see in a single rubick, ancient dragon brother Necro play in the league, the team is exploring more and more better and more diverse lineup. The "generation version of the generation of God", this is all DOTAer for having heard it many times a word, TI5 version of God Rasic that is TI6 in a BAN PICK. However, like the TI5 100%BP that Rasic rate hero has ceased to exist, even if the TI6 pet Daniel and white tiger, also can match. After the TI6 era, the game version has been updated to 6.88F, we’ve never seen in the TI6 group has now become a hot knife one bit, jakiro repeatedly on the BP list has become a gold auxiliary, Rasic seems to see the sky he once dominated. The addition of Sylar EHOME finally have a player of orthodoxy, whether it is water, a number of these traditional werewolves, Druid hero, or by NEC, this kind of intelligence is the late Sylar skills. From the promotion of C to the core of the C to fight C, Sylar continues to expand its hero pool. The new EHOME looks like the strength is not weak, but it seems that the team has not yet found a new victory. Maybe EHOME is a slow type team, in the first half of the year, the transfer EHOME completed in June 5, almost down to the freezing point, but TI6 has won a.相关的主题文章: