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Easy to do Mango Sago Sohu eat Mango Sago ingredients: a Mango Sago, 30 grams, 250 grams of milk ingredients: milk amount, almonds amount of Mango Sago practice 1, ready for raw materials. 2, the pot of water to boil, add sago simmer, boiling water into the sago must under oh. 3, cook to see white, I cook for about 26 minutes, the time difference between the different texture of sago. 4, pour into the filter, rinse with cold water, and then frozen cold boiled water soak for a while after filtering out water. 5, mango pulp. I use the ball the ball barely dig dug. 6 cooked sago, mango and milk together into containers. In 7, the amount of condensed milk, sprinkle with almond. Mango Sago tips, boiled sago must be boiling water pot, the water must be a lot more; two, in order to sago Q, prepare a cup of ice cold boiled water, cooked sago into the water after bath soak for a while; three, according to their own taste to add milk, can also add a little sugar.相关的主题文章: