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Health Today, cigarette smoking is widely known to be dangerous to anybody’s health. It is recognized to pose harmful side effects to the smoker himself as well as to the people around him. Other than this, its ashtray smell irritates other people especially asthmatic individuals. In spite of these facts, a lot of individuals still cannot resist their urge to smoke tobacco. There’s no question why the e cigarette is getting increasingly famous these days. It is now being used as an alternative way to smoking the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is today’s latest discovery that substitutes the usual cigarette use. It looks like a regular cigarette except that smokers do not have to flame it. Other than that, it only produces an odorless vapor like smoke that does not emit carcinogenic chemical substances like tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide and more. This revolutionary product is inspired by modern microelectronic technology. It is structured with a cartridge, a smart chip controller, an atomization chamber, a lithium battery. It also has an LED that mimics the actual burning of a tobacco cigarette. The cartridge, which is the mouthpiece of this cigarette, has a cotton-like substance diluted with flavoring, nicotine and propylene gycol. When a person inhales through the electronic cigarette’s mouthpiece, air flow is detected by its sensor. This then triggers a heating element that makes the atomization chamber break down the substances in the cartridge into very fine particles. This produces a harmless vapor-like smoke. This electronic vaporizer does not have tobacco content or some other carcinogenic chemicals such as acetone, ammonia, arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and many other harmful substances. With that, it is believed to be a better alternative for traditional smoking. A lot of individuals consider it beneficial and healthy even though there were no health claims regarding its use. Traditional smoking is prohibited in so many places. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes can be used anywhere as it doesn’t violate any law. The legislation clearly said that smoking can only happen in the presence of flame and tobacco. These personal vaporizers are also earth friendly since it does not produce ash or cigarette litter. Since it .es in different flavors, a lot of people enjoy using it. Individuals can even select what flavor they want. Other than that, it saves you the risk of burning since electronic cigarettes are non-flammable. Also, it’s rechargeable and people can enjoy the unlimited hours of smoking. To top it all off, buying electronic cigarettes are way cheaper .pared to buying the usual cigarettes. Each cartridge has around 15 to 20 sticks of the usual cigarettes. If you calculate your expense in buying such traditional cigarettes .pared to the electronic cigarettes, you will see how much savings you can get without even suffering from any dangers to your health. It is very difficult for some people to quit smoking. However, with the discovery of the electronic or e cigarette, smokers did not have to quit smoking. They even feel some personal enjoyment of being able to smoke and help satisfy their nicotine cravings in a healthier way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: