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Duthel Te Obama played the United States to China by abuse from two words core Abstract: Philippines President Duthel Te insulted US President Obama, has become a major focus of the ASEAN summit. However, the behavior of Duthel Te cuzhongyouxi have an ulterior motive. Phoenix September 8th "news talk", the following is the text: Guo Yiming: as a superpower, the United States, the world’s hegemony, did not come before it was Philippines’s curse. Of course, the United States, Obama was not so called Walter scold is right, as a president, in the international arena, in relations with the attitude of the language is of course very not polite, is very much, it should be said that a practice is not popular. But in fact, the Walter insults Obama, I don’t think he is a freely out, he is the man, said that he was an often scold scold scold a lot of people, the Pope, some leaders of the other, there are. But I think that Duthel Te is a bit of a curse. Lin Xiuqin: political calculations. Guo Yiming: there is a fine inside, there are calculations. As a result, as the United States, an American president outgoing, he first put Obama in the eye, called again after a apology, in fact he has dominated the Philippines at the summit, he became a leader of the United States, a curse, Obama announced the cancellation and his. Officially, the talks was canceled, then a apology, and the two of them met but also chatted focus of all media have focused on Duthel Te, as Duthel Te itself is the first time for the first time a president to attend the ASEAN summit in such an important occasion, he immediately this move has attracted foreign media, has become a focus. Then, through a series of small movements, as one of the country originally, ASEAN, logically speaking Philippines is not one of the most important countries, he is not the host country, how he has become the focus of it, this curse, he became the focus. Lin Xiuqin: but stole the limelight. Guo Yiming: Yes, so he scolded, immediately there is a question about the South China Sea, in fact, he also successfully, because if a meeting talks, Obama will also put pressure on him, not only criticized him in the suppression of drug traffickers domestic problems, may also be to put pressure on him in the South China Sea issue that is, Du Ritter would not so special, he himself led, in the South China Sea issue and Chinese relationship, so we clearly see the Walter and China Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the summit, they interact, I think this interaction is remarkable. First, the two men met and chatted, compared with Walter and Obama taking the fight, then a so-called apology handshake, this of course is not the same. Second, through his president’s press officer, released a number of news, that we want the two countries in the South China Sea dispute with a soft landing, which is a message. Second, also want to release some news, hope that the leaders of the two countries can expect when the time is ripe to meet, this is, I think some of the more moderate payment information, some kind of information. So the two sides this time;相关的主题文章: