Dong Mingzhu cars come true GREE new energy vehicle factory secretly put into production

Dong Mingzhu cars come true? GREE new energy car factory production in the secret offer GREE received 13 billion yuan, silver long new energy market has become the focus of discussion and chase. Reporters also went to Hebei, Handan, silver long new energy automotive plant on the ground to find out exactly what the. In the silver long new energy industrial park, the reporter saw a new factory just completed soon, the robot arm waving in the factory, from time to time there are staff operating the machine. A new source of energy, said: This is the world’s largest lithium titanate materials and battery production base built, a collection of fully automated, efficient, industrial new energy automotive industry chain." GREE announced that it will spend more than ten billion yuan acquisition of new energy sources, GREE disclosure of the acquisition of new energy technology and silver Road, the valuation is widely discussed in the market. In this regard, Wei Yincang, chairman of the group said in an interview with reporters, said: the company’s rapid growth in the volume of orders, in this year and next year the company will usher in a high growth in sales, valuation does not exist." GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu revealed that its plan is to allow GREE to reach the goal of two hundred billion yuan through acquisitions. Alone to take advantage of the rapid expansion of the lithium ion route within a year of a new plant in the silver dragon, the reporter noted that the wall posted a 20 day has been put into production brand. A worker told reporters: "this plant was put into operation in about 20 days, is to expand on the basis of the original, and the expansion of the introduction of new technologies, the production workshop is extended in the upstream of new energy vehicles, and battery materials production." In the large-scale development of new energy vehicles on the occasion, domestic manufacturers have chosen the lithium iron phosphate technology, Samsung and other foreign brands to choose three yuan in lithium batteries of different technical route choice, silver long new energy market did not choose the conventional route, but go up the road of independent research and development of lithium titanium acid. Reporters saw the new building of the new energy plant silver, there is a considerable part of the production of lithium titanate batteries, the current Silver Dragon plans to conduct large-scale expansion of lithium titanate battery production line. According to the plan, its desire to unique lithium titanate technology as the core, to build a new energy automotive powertrain and vehicle research and development, production and sales of closed cycle industrial chain strategic layout. However, this battery technology is still in the discussion of the market for its pros and cons, the market is different. Silver long new energy official said, although the energy density of lithium titanate theoretically relative lithium iron phosphate, lithium three yuan lower, but long silver through continuous research and development in the past 3 years, the lithium titanate battery energy density is increased by 40%, and still maintained a 6 minute quick charge and 30 years cycle life and other characteristics. Under the support of relevant national policies, the broad prospects of new energy vehicles, so that the new source of energy to taste the sweetness of silver, and accelerate the pace of expansion of production capacity. Reporters learned that over the past year, the silver long plant in the rapid expansion, while its capacity will be greatly enhanced through these new plants. In the acquisition of GREE silver long news these days, the expansion of the silver dragon faster. Official data said that in January this year – in August the total sales of 1844 new energy bus sales, from the overall sales of the industry, the new energy sources before the silver.相关的主题文章: