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Jewelry-Diamonds When you are about to make the purchase of unique engagement rings, it is prudent to first set up your budget, find out what is the style she enjoys most and learn how to choose a diamond. Although it is not set in stone, it is said that you can use up to two months worth of your salary in buying a diamond engagement ring . Bear in mind that your fiance will wear her engagement ring for the rest of her life. It is not uncommon that couple will choose diamond engagement rings because diamonds stand for purity and strenght. However, sapphires, rubies & other precious stones can make a very distinctive unique engagement ring. Over the Internet you can find thousands of styles of wedding rings & take advantage of great opportunities. You could have the option to buy just the ring mounting and design your own diamond ring or design your own ring with your family’s heirloom gemstones. Discover the perfect style for her new engagement ring If you want to find out what type of engagement ring your girlfriend likes & appreciates more, you will have to do some research work. If the two of you have never discussed ring preferences, a good way to find out about hers is to ask advice to her close friends and her relatives. Talk with your girlfriend’s favourite jeweller will steer you up in the right direction. If your girlfriend has just yellow gold jewelry, an engagement ring with the same characteristics seems to be perfect option. On the other hand, if her taste is more inclined to silver, white gold or platinum jewellery, it’ll probably be wise to give her a platinum or white gold engagement ring. Contemporary brides who look for simple yet classic looks may also want to have one of the most popular unique engagement rings: A single diamond ring: This type of rings is an excellent choice when you’re unsure of style. Your partner can even choose the frame at a later stage. A single diamond ring with decoration: These rings are characterized by a main stone, usually a diamond, surrounded by small gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds or rubies. The ring carat weight includes the weight of all stones altogether and not just that of the main stone. Three stones diamond rings: These unique diamond engagement rings are also called past-present-future rings or rings trilogy and have three bright round cut diamonds representing the past, the present and the future of your partnership. You can also purchase a wedding band to go with the engagement ring of your partner. Stressing the limitless combinations of stones and styles, bridal sets normally comprise a wedding band and an engagement ring. If your fianc prefers antique jewelry, you may think about a classic engagement ring and its respective wedding band as the right combination. Choosing the diamond you love When you buy a diamond engagement ring, think of choosing quality over size & choose the most beautiful selection of unique engagement rings you can afford. The jewellery industry uses 4 Cs to evaluate each diamond’s quality: Cut, carat, clarity & color. Watch the cut and diamond shape A diamond’s cut determines how well a diamond reflects light to demonstrate all of its brightness. A standard grading report describes cut by the diamond contour & pattern of location, aka cutting style. The forms vary from traditional round to hearts, pears, emeralds & more. Choose a shape that emphasizes the person’s taste. Choosing the diamond carat weight Diamond size is measured by carat weight. Prices go up whenever the carat weight increases. By choosing a somewhat lighter diamond weight, say up to 0.05 less, you can save significant money & still afford to give your future wife an amazing stone. Look for Diamond clarity The majority of diamonds have small flaws called inclusions which are often unseen to the naked eye. Vendors usually describe the clarity of a diamond using the industry’s standard rating scale from "flawless" (FI) to the "imperfect, flaws visible to the naked eye" (I1, I2, I3). Determine what colour of diamond you want Although most diamonds seem white at simple sight, they all have a certain degree of yellow traces. Colorless diamonds D, E & F normally are more valueable than almost colourless diamonds (scale G, H & J). But the "tinted diamonds", also called Z + diamonds can sometimes cost more than colourless diamonds of same carat weight. Coloured diamonds are popular among celebrities who like to wear this type of rings. They come in a considerable variety of colors, including deep yellow, pink, green, blue & black. Avoid conflict diamonds Conflict diamonds, diamonds sold to fund wars, come mainly from Angola, Sierra Leone & the Democratic Republic of Congo. Perhaps this topic should matter to you & if it does you might want to ask your jeweller to confirm the origin of his/her diamonds, this way you avoid buying a conflict diamond. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: