Do British Gaming Awards ti6 best V publishers agency annual event yezimei

Do British Gaming Awards: TI6 best V annual publishers events agency Beijing time on November 22nd, in London held the first electronic athletics awards ceremony to honor individuals and groups of elite performance very well in the past year. The first issue is the person of the year: FalleN FalleN is the captain of the SK team in the CS:GO project, the team from Brazil, formerly known as Luminisity Gaming, was acquired in July by SK. The team in the LG period and the SK period were once the most important level of V society Major events, and as the captain of the FalleN performance is excellent, so the real name of the award. Game of the year: 2016 CS:GO CS:GO is not on the international stage in China are still raging like a storm, the emergence of a large number of occupation events. CS:GO is also attracting more and more players with its unique map and game mode. Best live: Imaqtpie Imaqtpie is a live league play, he also played the last occupation player, played for team Dignitas, retired in 2013 after they engage in live events, with its precise version analysis and superb technology has accumulated a lot of popularity, each version has a large number of video analysis click. PC player of the year: Coldzera Coldzera and FalleN are the same as the effectiveness of the SK team, the difference is that he won the award by virtue of its excellent management ability by the organizing committee. The annual gaming Publisher: V agency in 2016 the hottest three tournament: hero alliance, DOTA2 and CS:GO, as a publisher of V agency will occupy two seats, and Ti6 and the two Major success, more V service won a lot of fame and fresh blood. Year’s Scump annual best broadcast partners: Twitch best business partner: Monster (a functional beverage) annual best team: Team EnVyUs best event: Ti6 best explanation: Semmler year Gaming year SCUF peripherals: the best rookie: since Miracle- Miiracle since joining the OG, a series of gains in autumn in Frankfurt match with Manila spring Championship, out of their own strength to the achievement of OG spring overlord contribution. New year: watch watch popular thanks to pioneer pioneer Blizzard spare no effort to promote. Best player of the year: Swanny (call of duty project) annual media: The Score eSports photographer of the year: Robert Paul best reporter: Richard Lewis original link相关的主题文章: