Dance is the 2017 listed today Chinese simplified version meyou

"Dance" is the 2017 listed today Chinese version simplified Ubisoft announced today that the world’s most popular music game series of the latest masterpiece "Just Dance 2017" dance today in PS4, PS3, Xbox, One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii platform, and boarded the PC platform for the first time, the simplified Chinese in PS4, Xbox version of the simultaneous launch of One and PC platform. In addition, the work will also be in March 2017 with the launch of the Nintendo Switch sync on the first new platform.  , meanwhile, in order to celebrate the launch of the Just Dance dance 2017, Ubisoft and OpinionWay conducted a European market survey to study the social forces behind the dance. Found that dancing can not only make people find themselves, but also to find (or rediscover) the best way to other people’s true temperament. According to the survey, 72% of people love to dance, and about 9% of them say they can dance at least once a week. Ubisoft also published a series of listed trailers do not jump acquaintance, leading players to understand the power behind the dance. Players with iOS or Android smart phone, you can download the Just Dance Controller mobile phone is more convenient and easy to enjoy the game App. "Just Dance Controller" collocation use of mobile phone applications, PS4, One and Xbox in the PC platform to play "Just Dance 2017" dance, do not need additional camera somatosensory device can experience the fun of dancing for fun.   PS4, Xbox One and PC platform version of the game player, can also choose to subscribe to on-demand streaming service Just Dance Unlimited dance "". This extra pay service provides more than 200 songs, and allows subscribers to enjoy exclusive songs, and will continue to add new pop songs. Buy "Just Dance 2017" Xbox dance One, PS4 version of the game player can be free to use "Just Dance Unlimited" service for three months, the real experience of what is called "jump to stop".   in the society where we want to maintain a perfect image, dancing is the best way to relax. Dancing gives people the opportunity to throw away the photo retouching software and enjoy the moment they enjoy. According to the survey report, 73% of respondents said that they could dance to show their personality; there are 45% of people said, watching the people around dance, let them find these human emotions. In most cases, people refer to friends or distant relatives (41%) (39%).     dance not only let us see the nature of people, but also help us to generate depth even with others.相关的主题文章: