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Dajiang Wang Tao: World stupid Wang Tao two unbelievable method in the world: one is stupid and wise, the other one is good and bad. These two methods constitute a model. In this model, intelligence does not mean a high IQ, but the pursuit of the nature of things and the ability to. This paper, Ma Yue, Xu Tan editor of "the world is too stupid." Certainly many people think like this, but few people would say it in front of other people. Wang Tao is an exception. "Incredibly stupid." He smiles and adds, "after work, too many people and things not reliable, this society is so stupid, including many famous people, or before you as a God, now as a man of God, in fact, level is not high. I often doubt yourself, you this stuff is a bit out of your mind? I’m always questioning myself mind have fainted, but found that the world is very stupid." "Sister" who laughed. They are a group of female entrepreneurs, and in August 2, 2016, typhoon Amanda came together in Shenzhen Nanshan Road Xinjiang Creative Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang) headquarters, grabbed Wang Tao, forced the even the conference are not included in the CEO opened the chatterbox. Perhaps it is because long with a 85 face, may also be due to his language style: direct, intense, love and hate, leave no room, from time to time jump out of the cool one, open the brain hole "90 words, 36 year old Wang Tao said that" the world is too stupid ", more like that. The little boy lies in the emperor’s new clothes, or hairline high version of the catcher in the rye Holton, instead of one for continued success and forget the billionaire. No matter is not forget, Wang Tao was a billionaire. This time in 2015, Forbes released China under 40 rich list, Wang Tao ranked second, wealth of nearly 22 billion 860 million yuan. Taking into account the ranked first in the two rich generation Yang Huiyan standing behind a garden family, Wang Taocai should start empty-handed China most profitable young people. Wang Tao’s wealth comes from he founded xinjiang. This Shenzhen enterprises from 0 to 1 of the creation of a broad market – consumer level UAVs, and firmly control the hegemony, expanding market share. Frost Sullivan analyst Michael & Xinjiang breiz said, "success is the start of the non professional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) market, everyone is chasing Xinjiang’s footsteps." Forbes list has just launched a few months, Xinjiang valuations rose from $8 billion to 10 billion, Wang Tao’s wealth soared. Before 2016, Frost & Sullivan survey data show that in the civilian UAV market, Xinjiang’s share of 70%, this is a monopoly share, and Wang Tao on the 2 August "sisters" announced, according to customs data, in March 2016 after the launch of new products wizard 4, whether domestic or international big market"相关的主题文章: