College students late night cycling exercise electronic map lead on the high speed win7codecs

College students cycling exercise at night, the electronic map led on the high speed at night, the police will be two students riding a bicycle on the road stopped. Photo by reporter Gan Xiayi highway, the morning cold and windy, 110 Shapingba police officers Zhao Chuanbo and Sun Tingshun drove back to the city of Shapingba. "Just now, I seem to see two people……" On the way, Zhao Chuanbo looked back at the driver’s seat and said to Sun Tingshun. How fast the road was dark at midnight will appear two person? Two people realized that something must happen. The high way has two shadows "I just like to see two people, do you see?" The day before yesterday night 11:20, Shapingba 110 police Zhao Chuanbo and Sun Tingshun drove back to the city from the Shapingba Xiyong University city. From the West Wing on the inner ring expressway is about 1 kilometers, Zhao Chuanbo suddenly asked, a police car suddenly quiet down. "I seem to see……" Sun Tingshun answered the car. But he could not believe his eyes, it was like a scene in a horror movie. Sitting in the back seat of the police team also said, saw two shadows across from the car. Police judge, one night into the high-speed road, they decided to stop at the roadside waiting down. About 6 minutes later, the young man wearing a dark jacket, appeared in the field of vision of the police in the two. They rode their bikes, leisurely on the highway, one of them wearing headphones, as if listening to music. College students late night riding exercise police stopped them. 18 year old Wang and Zhang are Guizhou people, are now a freshman University City college. Two people riding a bike at night fitness, intended to ride from the University City to the city of Shapingba, stroll the night market in Shapingba. Because not familiar with the Chongqing Road, imperceptibly rode on the road, but it is not clear which is the inner ring expressway, see the side of the vehicle speed is very fast, retrograde return is more dangerous, forced himself to continue to go. He was wearing a black jacket, Wang is wearing a green coat, night visibility was very poor, there is no bicycle lights on the vehicle, it is difficult to see people two people, and two people wearing a headset to listen to music, can not be timely aware of the approaching vehicle, very dangerous. Police criticized the two education. Electronic map navigation refers to the wrong road, we do not know the road, according to the electronic map on the phone, looking for the road to the city of Shapingba, who knows in accordance with this route, but on the highway." Wang said. Subsequently, a patrol patrol car arrived, the two people and the safety of the two bicycles to the city of Shapingba. Two people temporarily stay, and two day morning to return to university city. Police advise: high-speed road to prohibit pedestrians, motorcycles and other non motorized vehicles. It’s dangerous to ride on the highway at night. (reporter Tan Yao)相关的主题文章: