Collage master Eugenia loli change waste paper for magic mide-031

Collage master Eugenia Loli changed the waste paper for the magic "I believe that when art becomes a pure commodity, it loses its value." Greek born collage artist Eugenia Loli worked as a nurse, agricultural science and Technology Press, code version, until one day, she found interesting collage is my dream. Magazines and pictorials of the old photos so fascinated by her, through those old photographs mixed collocation contrasting colors and different patterns, her works show a fantastic pop, Dada and surrealism colors. Her collage is always full of imagination as a powerful and unconstrained style but childlike, humorous and witty, interesting composition exaggeration, colorful and bright. In her view, art should be free to share. Instead of catching up with the latest trends or creating a customer’s requirements. Through the creation of collage to express the concept of their own want to convey, like a fighter jet is a bright candy rather than bombs, it is clear that his "non war" ideas. The original seems not in a spatial dimension of things, the artist cleverly put them in an internal space, so that you can not help but sigh: "this world is not crazy, how could they appear together!" A provocative and visual story language stimulation Association viewer is Eugenia Loli works suction eye. Source: YT cloud image相关的主题文章: