Cold air arrived today in Zhejiang Province, the average temperature of the lower limit zibba

The cold air arrived today in the average temperature of Zhejiang Province on the decline of breaking limit lack of long johns classmates, don’t wait for the double eleven. Because the cold air has arrived, you sign not sign, it is there. Today, the city affected by the cold air, temperature, precipitation and wind is not a drop. 31, there is a stream of cold air, will be stepping on this round of the heel, continue to affect hangzhou. From the day before, the strong cold air had set off from Xinjiang. With its eastward south, temperatures in most parts of China is three words – breaking limit. According to the itinerary, the cold air arrived in Zhejiang today. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected, the daily average temperature of the cooling rate, Northern Zhejiang 5 DEG C and 7 other areas of 7 to 9 DEG C; 28~29 on the rain weather, the afternoon of 28 Zhejiang South Region Local thunderstorms; in addition, the influence of cold air, the sea coast, north wind 7 ~ level 9. After the impact of cold air, 30, on the morning of the 31 day temperature is relatively low, in addition to coastal areas, the province’s most areas of the lowest temperature is generally at the temperature of 12 degrees C ~ 15. Hangzhou tomorrow, overcast with showers, air temperature is 17 DEG ~20 DEG, tomorrow afternoon is 5 ~ 6 in plain area of North wind. Typhoon this year, a group of cold air is the routine. The 31 day, which is next Monday, there is a stream of cold air, will be stepping on this round of the heel, continue to affect hangzhou. From the current forecast, tomorrow until next Wednesday, Hangzhou, the maximum temperature at 16 DEG ~17 deg. Not yet finished, the Central Meteorological Observatory and a knife – November 4th, 5, there is a cold air affect our country. Since October, our province rainy oligonucleotide according to the weather, rain, sunshine too little, the cumulative rainfall. According to the provincial meteorological statistics, from October 1st to 26, the province’s average of 15 rainy days, 7 days earlier than normal, after 16 days in 1975; the average sunshine hours 42 hours, less than the same period the year 68% for the same period in history, at least, there are 44 counties (cities, districts) breaking the historical period at least record; the province’s average rainfall of 134 mm, more than the same period the year 118%. Since October, the province’s average temperature of 22.1 degrees, higher than the same period last year, a high of 2.6 degrees, second only to 2006 at 22.2 degrees C. The lazy people look directly here in October 30th: cloudy, 13 ~17 OC October 31st: sometimes overcast with showers, 14 ~16 OC November 1st: sometimes there is rain, 13 ~16 OC November 2nd: cloudy, 11 ~17 OC November 3rd: cloudy, 10 ~18 OC相关的主题文章: