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The Embassy in China Burma: Chinese to avoid conflict areas – the news agency of the new network in Kunming in November 21, the Burmese citizens (Chen Jing) the evening of 20, Chinese Embassy in Burma said in a statement: for the 20 day in northern Burma in the outbreak of the war, Chinese citizens should avoid going to the conflict zone. According to the "Burma Golden Phoenix" reported that the early morning of November 20th, the Burma government troops and local armed ethnic minority in northern Burma: mongkoe, great game, 105 yards, Muse and so close to the China county area area of military conflict, the border with the Chinese Yunnan Prefecture of Dehong Province, Mount Sea town, wandingzhen can fierce gunfire heard clearly. At the same time, the Burma border to avoid war the influx of China territory, the local government has launched the emergency plan, carry out international humanitarian relief. Chinese Embassy in Burma said in a statement, will pay close attention to the development of the situation, I hope the parties to the conflict to exercise restraint, an immediate ceasefire, take effective measures to restore peace to the China Burma border area as soon as possible. In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Burma to remind Chinese citizens in Burma to pay attention to safety, try to avoid the conflict zone. (end)相关的主题文章: