China’s higher vocational colleges, the spread of the gap between the 29 major schools only pass – S mcncc

The gap between vocational colleges spread in China is only 29 larger school pass Sohu News newspaper news (reporter Li Mengting) yesterday, the people’s Daily "People Weekly" magazine and the Communication University of China of higher education and dissemination of public opinion monitoring research center jointly issued the national hundred demonstration vocational colleges influence ranking. The list shows that the spread of Higher Vocational Colleges between China and the United States, a large gap between the spread of poor broadcasting, only 29 schools to pass. From the dissemination of national hundred demonstration vocational colleges power ranking overall, the top 10 colleges respectively from 8 provinces, the highest score is the Changsha District Vocational Technical College, out of 100 points, while the lowest scoring school only 15.3 points. From the national model of Higher Vocational Colleges overseas media search volume ranked the top 10 higher vocational colleges, most of them are concentrated in the first tier cities and economically developed areas, the top 10, Beijing institutions accounted for up to 2. Communication University of China, deputy director of the collaborative innovation center of higher education and the dissemination of public opinion center director Wang Baohua introduced the list after six months of research, and the formation of the index system of big data in communication and Science in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the. "The media transmission force score of 60 points or more, only a score of 40 points in the following colleges and universities, there are 10, which shows that many vocational colleges do not recognize the importance of the impact of the construction and dissemination of the importance of the University of the country, and there are more than 29 points".相关的主题文章: