China auto rental before the three quarter net profit 1 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 39%

China auto rental before the three quarter net profit 1 billion 390 million yuan, an increase of 39%- Beijing, Beijing, November 15, today’s news, China auto rental (0699 HK) before the release of the three quarter earnings, the financial and operational indicators to maintain strong growth, the rental income reached 3 billion 840 million yuan, an increase of 19%; net profit of nearly 1 billion 390 million yuan. An increase of 39%; adjusted net profit rate of 18.3%. The results, due to the short rental car business strong growth, and enhance the efficiency of cooperation with China continues to bring excellent car, in addition to China auto rental income growth, profitability is also strong growth: adjusted EBITDA (income tax depreciation and amortization) reached 2 billion 380 million yuan, an increase of 20%; adjusted EBITDA ratio 62%, the 7 consecutive quarter of over 60%, far higher than the global average level of car rental industry. As of September 30, 2016, China auto rental cash and cash equivalents of 3 billion 400 million yuan, abundant funds, financial health, free cash flow of $1 billion 180 million. The first three quarters of this year, China auto rental short rental car business revenue growth, a series of growth initiatives since the beginning of the implementation of the company to play a role in the third quarter revenue growth of 32% car, since the single season record in 2015 rose high. Benefit from the Shenzhou Shenzhou car rental and car continued to play a synergistic effect, continue to enhance the efficiency of the team, the first three quarters, fleet utilization rate of up to 65.1%, especially in the third quarter, a substantial increase in fleet size under the condition that the company fleet utilization rate is still as high as 66.8%, an increase of 2.3 percentage points, the highest record. During the reporting period, the average daily income of bicycles remained at 172 yuan. In addition, China auto rental through a series of growth initiatives to get new users and stimulating demand growth, two consecutive quarters of user growth of more than 50%. Especially since August 22nd this year, the country launched a free home delivery service, the use of the service accounted for a substantial increase in the proportion of customers. Reported that the first three quarters of China auto rental users registered an increase of 56%, a record high. According to reports, China auto rental entity network to expand the 97 major cities in the provinces of the country’s 783 direct service outlets. It is worth noting that China auto rental continued to focus on the risk management of the residual value of the vehicle, and is committed to the end to the C channel to achieve higher residual penetration. The first three quarters, the company handled a total of 16156 second-hand cars, a record high. Among them, the third quarter of the number of second-hand vehicles to break the record, up to 8079. The ratio of cost and second-hand car sales was 101.9%, further proof of China auto rental according to the sale price of the vehicle, estimated residual capacity management leasing business cycle. In addition, in November 1st this year, the country "network management of taxi booking procedures" (new car) entered into force, Shenzhou car B2C business model is more adapt to new requirements. Private cars are not allowed to do the car and driver standard strict regulations will create opportunities for China and the car, to further expand its market share, will drive the Shenzhou car rental to god.相关的主题文章: