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College-University Book reports can be easily handled during high school times but when they come in college and university phase, they appear like a huge challenge for students as they require something out of this world. For students of international politics, book reports are highly intimidating kind of compulsory chore because for report writing, they get books and sometimes classics discussing highly intellectual and conflicting theories that are much complicated for students. Book report on world recognized book and thesis End of history and the last man by Francis Fukuyama is the most challenging moment for a political studies student. This book is about a controversial thesis that western liberal democracy and climax of capitalism is the peak point of human evolution process and final form of human government. Nothing more will come in human life because human race is now at the ultimate supreme position of political and economical development. For writing a book report over this conflicting and controversial issue, a reporter has to study the whole concept thoroughly, its background and circumstances during its creation. This book has published numerous times worldwide and many reviews are easily available online, to understand the essence and aim of this study, a reporter has to come across all related reviews and views about this thesis otherwise no one can justifiably deal with this task without absorbing the reasons and philosophy behind this ground breaking idea. This exceptional and revolutionary thesis is divided into two parts; in first part, Fukuyama describes historical development of democratic norms and decline of authoritarian regimes worldwide. A reporter has to understand the era of this thesis development it was a time when USSR was about to collapsed and socialist ideology was facing enormous opposition throughout the world. For a new comer in this field, it is quite perplexing to extract different interrelated political and philosophical views that are frequently used during the debate.This book is hard to understand but when a reporter analytically assesses the whole stuff, then he would easily grab the key stance of the writer and that is the failure of communism and rise of liberal democracy and capitalism. During writing a book report, if reporter reaches this chief argument of that long and complicated debate then next coming hurdles can be easily overcome. Another important concern that must obstruct the way of successful pursuance of this chore, this book is the amalgamation of history, politics and philosophy. Events described in this book are dominantly interpreted in a philosophical manner thats why during report writing, one has to strive hard to know the different relevant political philosophies relevant to this exclusive literary finding. Introduction of the report would start like the same traditional way but even in introduction, a reporter has to establish an analytical writing approach as it is an extremely theoretical work that has declared as a driving factor of post cold war political scenario. This sort of book reports are like an intense responsibility as these classics have already recognized and accepted ideologies and whenever someone tries to interpret them, he has to understand that he cannot be judgmental in his approach because this thing can be considered as an offense against that famous and respectable notion. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: