BMW long Yuet dedicated service to enjoy the lowest discount 30 percent off

BMW Yue long exclusive service maintenance minimum at a 30 percent off discount from the "Long Yue", comprehensive care for the warranty period of the owners of BMW provides an absolute benefit maintenance service packages in 20 percent off Yue have different levels of discount and vehicle age longer owners enjoy more concessions based on this is the maintenance package the warranty period for the owner of a heavy maintenance preferential like you are a club VIP time is more long, the more points, the more awesome gifts rewards over the long term, you can greatly reduce the cost of vehicles converted into daily routine maintenance costs actually only need a cup of coffee money BMW Changyue maintenance plan a comprehensive introduction, the owners can not only enjoy more preferential prices, but also to experience more professional and thoughtful service. Long Yue plans for your consistent love for BMW, we use practical action feedback. In order to be grateful for every old owner of the long-term care Shenzhen Baochang, Shenzhen bocharm launched the "Changyue exclusive service program, BMW now covers all models. If your car is purchased before July 1, 2013 (including July 1, 2013), can enjoy long Yuet plan. Car maintenance, car age longer, more preferential, save your spending at least 20%. BMW Yue long maintenance plan for has guoliaobaoxiuji owners, the older age of the vehicle, the lower the cost of the maintenance of preferential policies: for example: 2012 registered the BMW 3 series four door sedan 316I, oil filter maintenance original suggested retail price of 866 yuan, in the long program only need 20 percent off yuan (Wyatt); registered in 2008, the BMW 5 series four door sedan 523Li, oil filter maintenance original suggested retail price of 1161 yuan, in the long Yuet scheme requires only yuan (30 percent off). If you do not know the year, call the customer service service: Shenzhen Baochang 0755-33299377 for consultation. Preferential maintenance projects include: oil filter, fuel filter, dust filter, wiper blade, air filter, spark plug, brake fluid, brake, brake disc and plate and vehicle inspection etc.. No matter what kind of day, BMW are always adhere to lower maintenance costs and unchanged BMW quality, regular car owners comprehensive maintenance, to keep it in good condition and long service life, which makes every BMW owner can always like to enjoy the pure driving pleasure. What is still hesitant? Shenzhen Baochang Yue long maintenance plan, provide quality and design excellence for your car, so you can enjoy consistent from beginning to end pure driving pleasure. For more details please call customer service hotline: 0755-33299377 Shenzhen Shenzhen bocharm Baochang as Longhua district’s first BMW Car dealership, in addition to providing the BMW product line of car sales, as well as original accessories, customer service service, information feedback and other services, but also the pursuit of the highest realm of automobile service, to treat every customer, understand every the service object, the prediction even exceed the customer’s own desire, the pursuit of excellence, to stay ahead of the customer expectations and satisfaction, so that customers from Car Buying to the park相关的主题文章: