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Blue thin, letinous edodes ~ you will not understand my brain hole! Sohu recently a maternal maternal and foreign social networking sites held an activity, it is the sun why your baby will cry, the parents the sun out of the picture not too funny, and will soon be laugh to death. 1 dinner is not ready. 2 think the microwave to eat his lunch. 3 put on her new hat is 4 "cried" finally saw the iron man, but he did not wear clothes iron man. 5 well, you feed me to eat all of your food, what else do I feed you? What melody…… 6 who ate my muffin! 7 rather baffling lying on the ground and said "don’t want to go, although we are not going to take him to where I told him ~ 8 rainy days do not need to wear sunscreen 9 found in bread in a sausage 10 we told her not to eat Bacon 11 we give him sing" I wish you Happy birthday the 12 Song "he can’t find his rubber duck 13 he stuck 14 she found my" Mom "in addition to other names and small son tips" cry, is a form of emotional expression of children." Children are born with a negative emotional nature of "potential gene", so when you meet in any situation are likely to cry to express their own ideas, this is the innate temperament, itself is not right or wrong, mothers not anxiety. If the child does not have to be frightened, wronged and physical discomfort, we can think that this is a manifestation of the child’s emotional wealth. But parents should guide their children to understand what is good or bad, let the children to make the right things to express the emotion of failing to positive aspects. Please subscribe to more parental love, please pay attention to dry cargo gifted children WeChat public school No. [yoparent] gifted children school was founded by University of Cambridge, the Mehsud worldwide more than 300 children’s mental development experts, high order mom and dad parenting institute!相关的主题文章: