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Big data era, our privacy is how self exposure? Sohu – technology – Chen Gen in the era of big data, whether you are often some of the marketing, advertising fraud patronize, by telephone, SMS, email, etc. even express way? Do you wonder how they get information? Of course, you may have been accustomed to, and do not think there is anything strange or wrong, because we have been so exposed naked in this era of big data, there is no cover, no secrets. Today, we’ll take a look at how our information is a step by step from privacy to open. We opened the door to a global social network with billions of people have their most intimate little on Facebook, the social network relations provide most willing to themselves and their friends, family and colleagues, and tell the world you enjoy it each one takes what he needs ". Because when we are in the network again and again under the consent of the time, it will have their own information to sell, do not be naive to think that the privacy clause is to protect our information security. Of course, no matter what the content, many times we do not see. Even if you look at it, it doesn’t make much sense. Take Facebook, not to mention the privacy clause of the constitution of the United States, as many as two times; they also gave him the right to modify at any time. In a word, you have no right to privacy. Of course, don’t think you are in Chinese, not Facebook was safe, do not say first "over the wall" is not what is the difficult thing, even if you don’t, our WeChat is also different approaches but equally satisfactory results, even The students surpass the teacher. Born in 2011, as of March, the number of registered users has reached 927 million, monthly active users of 549 million, the use of WeChat users to pay has reached about $400 million. When we face the world, when the share was awfully, actually we are maximizing self information exposure. So, in the end how we are "self exposure" of it? Old take Facebook example is not good, then we talk about the Google bar. Since its inception in 1998, Google has quickly become a global. In the development of these years, he also made a lot of great products, to the human life has brought a different change. In particular, it is free of all the products, including maps, cloud disk, Android systems, etc., in the past can be made to pay a small fee for our services. So, why don’t we go to the Google money? For this matter, perhaps we can from two aspects of a complete understanding. One is white, one is that Google provides the public most want to meet the needs of human science and technology, science and technology increasing, but also the needs of advertisers; on the other hand, is a less public reason, that is behind all Google products free of hidden deep intention. Because he depends on these "free" user guide, constantly revealed about yourself, about life,.相关的主题文章: