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Beijing won the 2016 China modern automobile industry customer satisfaction first "a number of new network new network in September – 29, the day before, jointly organized by the national user committee China Quality Association, the" 2016 annual conference 2016 Chinese automobile user satisfaction auto industry customer satisfaction evaluation results of CACSI news conference ended in Chinese Hall of science and technology. The automobile industry customer satisfaction rating, Beijing Hyundai Rena, selling models above figure at 70 thousand compact cars, 250 thousand large car segments first; Tucson, ix35 to score 80 points to get 15-20 million class a SUV segment tied for first; in 2016 2016 brought new cars, new car market attention (medium the first car). At the same time, Beijing Hyundai in the after-sales service satisfaction index for 3 consecutive years won the first joint venture brand. It is reported that the user satisfaction Chinese automotive industry (CACSI) evaluation is a user satisfaction survey China Quality Association, the National Committee organized by the user, is a comprehensive and authoritative assessment activities nationwide, radiation. The objective is to investigate consumer satisfaction through the objective, and urge enterprises to improve and improve the pre-sale, after-sales service quality, and truly bring high-quality products, service experience. Since 2011, Beijing has six consecutive years in the modern Chinese automobile user satisfaction survey (CACSI) has made outstanding achievements in many titles, these results further confirms the comprehensive upgrade of Beijing modern service system also reflects the effectiveness of modern Beijing after millions of times return to competitive source, the strategic direction of forging the core competitiveness of enterprises. Since 2011, the four Beijing Hyundai models user satisfaction rating in winning the title, name three times champion, Elantra, Lang, Tucson, new Shengda, ix35 was two times champion, Wyatt, collar, eighth generation Sonata, ix25, new Tucson uniform championships. This year, facing the fierce competition of hundreds of hot models, Beijing modern 5 models together with its customer service service brand of talent shows itself, the top of the list, once again proved the excellent product quality and good service reputation in modern Beijing. The products, the new challenges facing the new changes in the market and after one million, Beijing modern comprehensive accelerated by the new product oriented strategy as the core of the fine product layout, to consumer demand as the foundation, to launch new products to meet consumer demand for the actual. A variety of new models for a new upgrade in the exterior and interior, equipped with the exclusive Car Play & Car Life intelligent mobile phone Internet system, adaptation of smart watches, new intelligent electric tailgate intelligent AEB ASCC BSD AVM SPAS light DMS and other intelligent technology configuration, bring the ultimate experience for consumers more intelligent. Beijing modern services, with the number of users has exceeded 8 million mark, in the face of a large user base, Beijing modern will be through a combination of online and offline ways to enhance user participation, construct a perfect BlueMe.相关的主题文章: