Autumn and winter clothing is not enough inspiration to learn Yang Mi ricky lee neely

Autumn and winter clothing not enough inspiration Yang Mi lead: Hunan TV official micro-blog released variety "real man 2" in the guest list with the addition of Yang Mi, immediately became a hot topic, a micro-blog voice. So why join the female star in the same period the power of the topic of the hottest? In the end what is the magic power that conquers all? Let’s look at it. (source: Ruili nets) Yang Mi Yang Mi uniform uniform other "real man" is a variety of large national defense education program, let the star to experience the real life in the camp, the second season is the first to join the "soldiers", according to Yang Mi but first choice program group, I don’t know if you heard this news is not and you are as excited, can’t wait to see the appearance of valiant and heroic in bearing power power! Yang Mi fitness equipment if you are worried about the large power power thin weak can not withstand the devil training, then you are wrong, careful attention to the large power power we will find her body quality is really very good. Yang Mi Airport Photos of course as we all know, the entertainment of the female star never lacked topic, but such as Yang Mi long red force topic queen but people remain perplexed despite much thought, in addition to TV dramas and movies hot outside, her private life is focus of attention, because of the large power power every time it look can be amazing to us… Yang Mi Street photo taken in October 7th, Yang Mi appeared in the capital airport wearing a Oversize sweater recording variety real man 2. Yang Mi airport street for a large magazine shoot 10 monthly cover large, Oversize sweater collocation boot with the other and easy interpretation. Yang Mi airport street September 28th Thailand advertising photography Beijing airport, collocation sweater and pleated skirt let the other full of vitality. Yang Mi airport street to shoot the nearest airport street shot, Yang Mi wearing Gucci blue red plaid shirt, a pair of legs is still so eye-catching. Departure to record the appearance of the airport when modeling. Lazy casual denim jacket collocation slim leather skirt, black ankle boots on the street, tidal range of children. Yang Mi looked at so many LOOK in addition to the power of large body admire, must also want to learn to wear her fashion bar. Take it from so many street view, the large power power dress not wrong basically there are so few points: 1, from summer to autumn and summer wear short skirts just past, a lot of girls up colourful skirts, actually can put some time as large power power, with a sweater, sweater dress collocation naturally from over the summer to autumn, if you feel cold or warm sweater collocation can also pose by the color of socks. Other highlights: print cardigan collocation denim skirt, let the summer colorful spread to fall. Other highlights: Yang Mi T plus white denim skirt collocation, summer standard after adding a windbreaker completely into the fashionable style in early autumn. Yang Mi airport Street modeling highlights: short jacket and skirt with double deerskin color collocation, looks like autumn. Yang Mi Street 2, free ride for type G相关的主题文章: