Afghan police said the U.S. military bombed a police checkpoint caused 8 deaths ca1871

Afghan police said a police checkpoint killed U.S. troops bombed Kabul on 19 September, Xinhua (reporter on behalf of 8 people he Lu Shuqun) Afghan police said 19 U.S. troops in Afghanistan in the evening of 18 in southern Uruzgan province in air raids destroyed a local police checkpoint, killing 8 policemen were killed. A person in charge of the local police told Xinhua that the attack on a checkpoint near Tirin Kot capital city of the province. From this checkpoint about 800 meters Taliban militants built trenches, but police checkpoints have become the target of air strikes. According to the Afghan media quoted the "Afghanistan times", Mr Naderi, that night the checkpoint suffered two strikes, the first time caused no casualties, but the second air strikes began within 20 minutes after at least 8 people were killed. Since 2001, the United States and NATO troops into Afghanistan, foreign troops in Afghanistan, killing and injuring the local police and civilians in military operations have occurred. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: